The day the monster cried

This is a short story about at happy ending at the end of a very tough time


1. The day the monster cried

I watched on from the dusty, black corner of the room. The two girls are huddled together, the older one has her arm around the younger one's shoulders pressing her against her side in a comforting embrace. The younger one, Chloe who is 7, is holding a piece of paper which has become tatty over time. I have never seen what is on the paper but she speaks of a dog who she calls Bruno. The older girl, Francesca, holds a old photo, this I have seen; the girls are with their parents and each has a huge smile on their face. I haven't seem them smile or a long time, since the accident.
Both of the girls are naturally beautiful: Chloe has dark brown hair and light blue eyes, Francesca has long Blonde hair and beautiful green eyes which used to have a little twinkle in them, but it has long gone. The beauty is hidden behind a mask of fear and Francesca has dark circles under her eyes from lack on sleep. She watches over her younger sister every night, protecting her.
Their bodies have several blue and black marks on, some have turned yellow and green over time. The older of the two has many more of the nasty bruises covering her skin.
"Did he hit you badly last night?" Chloe's voice wasn't much more than a whisper and she spoke with no emotion as though it had been knocked out of her.
"It wasn't too bad" Francesca tried hard to sound confident and for her words to sound unforced, but she too just didn't have the energy in her.
"Let me see" Chloe folded away her piece of paper and hid it behind the wardrobe. Francesca slowly lifted up her t-shirt to reveal a big fist shaped bruise over her ribs. I winced at the site of it but Chloe did not move, she didn't even pull at face at the horrific site. "Does it hurt?" Chloe asks as she gently traces the bruise with her fore finger.
Francesca just nod's a response.
I'd seen him it them, he punishes them for what happened, especially Francesca. I couldn't do anything about it, I'm stuck in this corner un seem and able to see the things that should be left un seen. It's my fault he didn't even want children he only agreed because I wanted them so badly.
Their life changed the night of the fire, the fire that took my life, the fire that happened in this very room that the two girls sleep in. The walls are still blacken from the fire and it still smells of the choking smoke.
The sound of the front door closing rings through the flat and it makes the girls jump with fear. Heavy footsteps thud up the stairs getting closer to the flat door. I could feel the fear radiating off both of them and bouncing off the walls.
Chloe sat shaking in Francesca's arms. They both sat rocking backwards and forwards trying the soothe themselves the way they always did. Francesca told Chloe that her their mother would always rock her backwards and forwards after she had woken up because of a nightmare.
The door handle screeched as it seemed to magically force itself downwards, but it wasn't magic it was the man on the other side of the door who forced it downwards. When he walked in the stench was overpowering, he smelt of alcohol, cigarettes and like he hadn't washed for days, he looked like he hadn't washed for days as well. He wasn't the man I married.
"Why are you just sitting there! Why haven't you cooked my dinner!" His speech was very slurred and it was hard to understand his words.
Francesca slightly glanced up, but not for long. She gulped before squeaking out a reply.
"Sorry, I...I had home work"
"I don't remember any teacher giving out homework to sit and do nothing!" The monster shouted slurring his word and spitting on the 't' sound.
"I'm s...sorry..."
"Stand up!" He yelled as he grabbed Francesca tightly and aggressively by the collar of her top. She was jerk up by the force and sheer strength of of her father.
"Why do you never listen!" He yelled as he raised his right fist in the air. I couldn't shout out, I couldn't run and grab his wrist, I couldn't do anything. It was like my hands were handcuffed together and my feet were chained to the wall. I could see he his face was screwed up and and hers was fully of fright. I had watched it happen many times before but each time was like it was the first time.
"Don't do it, this isn't who you are" I pleaded, though I knew he couldn't hear a word I had said.
His fist was shaking and his face was going red, I braced myself for what was about to happen. But as though he had heard my silent plea his fist dropped to his side, but it was what happened next that surprised me and the two girls.
He dropped to the floor and began to cry.
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