Forever & Always

This is about Audrianna and Aliyah and Olivia the 3 sisters of harry styles but when harry comes back to england and brings one direction What will the 3 sisters do fall in love ? and does one direction change there whole life what will happen ? read to find out. This is my first fanfic plz like no hate plz ❤�� comment plz of u like it


8. WAIT Did i just say that ?

AUDRI POV: Flashback 2 years ago ... See me and harry had the biggest fight when we were 16. It was about my dad. Harry told me and my sisters that he really didnt care about my dad! me and my sisters stop talking to him for like 6 months. we decided to forgive and forget which we did , me and leah took it really bad olivia did kinda but olivia was all about forgiving so she forgot about it most likely out of me and leah. We still dont know why harry said that to us. So when i got very drunk i started to remember it and i just started yelling at harry! then leah joined in because she started to remember how hurt it us. Olivia yelled saying that Guys cmon We forgave him! Harry looked hurt but we didnt care. All the boys listened To us yelling but we didnt care so we kept on until niall picked me up and liam picked leah up and took us to bed. We both feel asleep instaniley. I felt niall cuddle with me but All i can think about is what i just did I finally stood up to myself ! I heard olivia slam her door across the hall . I was wondering ehy she was mad ? Well i guess ill found out in the morning. AUTHOR NOTE : ermm hey guys srry 4 the bad chapter The nxt chapter will be really long and now alot of drama is going to happpen so get ready !!! and make sure u check out my othere fanfic its a zayn fanfic so yea check it out thanx hunnybunnys :) xx
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