Forever & Always

This is about Audrianna and Aliyah and Olivia the 3 sisters of harry styles but when harry comes back to england and brings one direction What will the 3 sisters do fall in love ? and does one direction change there whole life what will happen ? read to find out. This is my first fanfic plz like no hate plz ❤�� comment plz of u like it


1. intro

Hi Im Audrianna but you can call me Audri! I live with my 2 sisters Aliyah and olivia , yes its true we are harry styles sisters but we are half brother and sisters. We have different dads. But the same mom ! Me and my sisters are in a dance crew. Called IamME we love to dance thats our LIFE. But theres nick and jason my bffs! there also part of our crew! Right now me and my sisters are cleaning our house bcuz our brother and his band are taking break and coming to live with us for a year ! But we very happy to meet them bcuz me and my sistets havent might them yet!

authors note : srry short chapter but im gonna update later ! hope u like it plz comment if u do :)
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