Forever & Always

This is about Audrianna and Aliyah and Olivia the 3 sisters of harry styles but when harry comes back to england and brings one direction What will the 3 sisters do fall in love ? and does one direction change there whole life what will happen ? read to find out. This is my first fanfic plz like no hate plz ❤�� comment plz of u like it




Me and the boys decided to take a break. So we decided to go
live with my sisters for like a summer or maybe more. After Liams break up , liam hasnt been the
same so we needed to get away for awhile. Our concert has been canceled which we feel really bad about ! but we decided to surpise them and come a day early! So we took a plane to england and I realized how much I missed my home town while we were driving from the airport. Niall screamed he was hungry as usual and the rest of the boys just was on the phones. When we got there we didnt realize what time it was it was like 4:00 am there so we were there early in the morning. But I knew olivia was up because she wakes up at like 4 anyways to go to work. Olivia reminded me of liam Because she was like the one who took charge and was always there for audri and leah ! Audri was the closet one to me. She was CRAZY,FUN,but very sensitive ! and I wouldnt get on her bad side! Aliyah was the relax one really didnt care what people think about her she reminded me of zayn very shy and mysterious but she was just as crazy as audri is ! When we got there i rang the doorbell like 3 times and olivia finally opened up which I knew she would she yelled what the bloody hell are you doing here at 4:00 I laugh And say SURPRISE IM HERE !! she lets me in and the boys introduce themselves and i see that liam already likes here just the way he look at her ! We sat down and olivia told us where we were staying but told us to be quiet bcuz she didnt want us to wake up sleeping beauties we all laughed when she said that she said goodbye went to work (dance studio) .

hey guys how u like so far i kno its still short but it will get longer plz comment !! and i make mistakes but u can read it hopefully srry if u cant tell me i will fix them okay hope u enjoy byeee :)
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