Forever & Always

This is about Audrianna and Aliyah and Olivia the 3 sisters of harry styles but when harry comes back to england and brings one direction What will the 3 sisters do fall in love ? and does one direction change there whole life what will happen ? read to find out. This is my first fanfic plz like no hate plz ❤�� comment plz of u like it


4. Getting to know you

OLIVIA POV : after we came back to the house all the boys were watching tv. By now it was like 6:00 so me an leah and audri decided to go over nicks and jasons house, they asked us before but we said we had to go check on the boys. We kinda felt bad so we just called for nick and jason to come over here. I was dating jason hes great to me and I really love him. When I saw liam there was this werid feeling I had but I just pretended it was nothing but I know It is something. But Im not the only one, Leah has feelings for zayn it very ovibous but she just doesnt want to admit it because she loves nick. So the boys finally came we all watched The grudge i sat next to jason and snuggled with him. Everytime I got scared I put my head into his shirt and Hide. I saw liamlook at me a couple of times but I really wasnt paying attetion. Of course leah and nick was siting and cuddling just like I was and zayn looked jealous when leah got scared. OMG do I see niall and audri together? this is wrong! audri doesnt need another heartbreak. Harrys face looks furious. The movie finally ended and niall asked audri to go upstsirs with him to talk to her. Harry grabs niall by the arm and pulls him into the living room while I have a chance i grab audri and say audri cmon we all dont want you to get hurt again. She looks at me mad and yells that everyone could hear here saying SO WHAT !!! WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE 2 MEAN I CANT DATE ANYMORE!!!! listen everyone harry YOU 2!! we all know what happen to me okay ! and i can take care of myself she yells at me and harry. Then she runs out the house grabbing her keys and phone. Me and harry are just speechless, then i see niall running out the house trying to get audri. Harry and I jump into the car trying to find audri. Four hours later ....... Me and harry decided to gove up its been a long time maybe niall got her. It was quiet until I said maybe niall is good for her yea? he looks sad but nodded his head yea. When we came back nick and jason were about to leave I gave jason a kiss and he left. Leah did the same to nick and he
left. We put our pjs on and me an leah walk down stairs and All of the boys are the except niall. So today was intersting liam says. I nodd and say yeah, liam says why dont we get to eachother more yea? we all sit down in a circle talking to get eachother more and more. Me and liam have alot of in common but I tried to act like it was nothing. After we talked for a while louis screamed YAY I just got 2 more best friends me and leah laughed and the rest of the boys agreed. Leah says You will like Audri to shes just as cool
as us. I laugh Yea so true i said back. Yeah I wish both of them were here so we can all talk. They all agreed me and leah yawn well we have the Ball tommorow and were gonna go shopping tommorow so erm we better go to sleep I say and leah nodds, we say goodnight and go to sleep.
AUDRI POV: after I ran out the house I stoped and my dads graveyard. Then i feel someone grab me I turn around to see niall, I really liked niall he was perfect for me. Caring, kind, loves me for who I am. Niall hugged me and I cried in his chess, I looked into his Blue eyes and our lips smushed together we just kissed there after 10 seconds we stoped and held hands. After that we went back home everyone was sleeping we went upstairs and layed down with eachother and cuddled then niall whispered in my ear so does that mean ur MINE ?? I kissed him on the lips and said OF COURSE
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