Forever & Always

This is about Audrianna and Aliyah and Olivia the 3 sisters of harry styles but when harry comes back to england and brings one direction What will the 3 sisters do fall in love ? and does one direction change there whole life what will happen ? read to find out. This is my first fanfic plz like no hate plz ❤�� comment plz of u like it


7. Finally The ball

Audris POV: I was so excited i was so happy for what leah and olivia did for me I love them for That. The limo drive was awesome we drank wine and talked and when we got there the liko driver opened the car door for us. Olivia said being the mature one that she didnt want to drink tonight but me and leah were going to. When we got there there was fun music to dance to then after a while the DJ stopped the Fun music and said urm lets Do a slow dance Nick and leah danced together and Jason and olivia. Niall didnt know how to dance so he didnt ask me 2. So after tge first slow dance niall kissed me on the cheek and said Im sorry I dont know how to dance! I laughed I know but i can teach U kno im a professional dancer rite? i said with sacrasim. He laughed okau the next slow dance will You slow dance with me ? I laughed and said of course! Finally the slow dance came on and I taught niall how to so after a While he got it rite so I rested my head on his shoulder and we danced. Then the fun music came on and We got crazy and drank and after a while me and aliyah were pretty drunk niall and the boys werent neither was Olivia but we Were. So after a While we decided to go home Because me and leah were drunk but I just said I believe i Could FLYYY and they all laughed and took us home! When we got there all the boys were still up I screamed HEYY GUYYS GUESS WHAT I LEARNED HOW TO FLYY !! all the boys laughed and harry said to me hey i Think someones drunk! I dont know what came over me but i Yelled at him ! It just came out of nowhere! Leah joined in Because she was just as drunk as I was but When i was yelling at him I didnt know what I was saying until after I said it Then i thought to myself hey he had to know the truth sooner or later Everything was About to go down! AUTHORS NOTE hey ppl im so excited im on the plane to florida srry I know i said long chapter but im tired so The next one will be very long and im not lieing this time ! And I know ur wanting to know what audri said but You will haft to find out in the nxt chapter! thanx guys XX -cece
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