They Don't Know About Us

Taylor, 17 and from the USA, loves her boy bands more than anything. Specifically, One Direction. A group of five boys that have completely taken over her life. While in London, her life completely changes.Meeting Harry was a dream, and going on a date with him was even better.....

Ella Smythe, 18, works at a well known coffee shop in London and attends London University. On an afternoon like any other, she notices a special someone watching her intently. VERY intently. A certain someone named Zayn Malik.

Valerie Williams, 18, is single and loving it. Partying and being popular in college have been the best things that have ever happened to her. Other than meeting Louis Tominson. But her world starts falling apart when a shocking truth hits her and her family, making her value life more than she ever did.


9. Kiss You

(This chapter and the next one will kinda goes back in time...The day that Harry and Taylor were supposed to meet for coffee)

*Taylor's POV*

        I really didn't know whether to show up early, at the right time, or late. If I got there early, I would seem to eager, but if I got there late, Harry would think I was rude and unreliable. So, I decided to get there exactly at 3, which in my opinion was a little hard. First, after running to the UNI, I had to unpack everything in my new dorm/apartment. I didn't really want a crazy dorm so I decided to co-rent with another student. Of course, it was the same policy as dorms, girls with girls and boys with boys, but it felt like I was more free in an apartment. It was quaint, not too big, and not too small. I thought it was just perfect. Entering the room, you would see a mini loft, complete with a TV and chic couches. Next to it was a tiny kitchen with the basics; a microwave, refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, and cabinets. Then, there were two bedrooms, led into by a hallway. To my dislike, I found that there was only one bathroom, which I knew would arise problems between my roommate and I. My favorite part of the dorm was the flamboyant window overlooking London. Oh, it was just so gorgeous! I could see everything. My eyes had only finished staring at the view of Big Ben when I heard the door click open.

       "Um, excuse me. Who are you and what are you doing in my apartment?" A voice sounded from behind me. 

        I turned around, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm Taylor. Your new roommate?"

       A look of embarrassment blew onto her face. "Oh yes! I'm so sorry! It must have slipped out of my mind! I'm Ella, by the way." She held out her hand and I shook it. She was a frail, a little bigger than petite, girl with shimmering, straight blond hair that I envied. Although my hair was naturally pin straight and black, I always liked to curl it, never letting it be natural. Her accent was strong and little different than Harry's. 

     "It's very nice to meet you Ella. And its okay that you forgot." I laughed. "Wait." I said, stopping abruptly. "What time is it?"

     Ella glanced over to the clock on the wall. "A little after 3."

     "Oh no! I'm late! I haven't even changed!"

     "Do you mind me asking where you're going?"

     I racked my brain for the name. "Uh, Annie's."

     A smiled appeared on Ella's face. "I work there! Well, part time. I just came home to have some lunch, but I guess I can eat out today.I'll drive you."

   "Thank you so much! I'll make it up to you!"


*Harry's POV*

     I really didn't mind that Taylor was getting late. I actually kind of liked waiting for her. And, I mean it was my fault that I asked her on a date just hours from when she arrived.


*Taylor's POV*

     Ella quickly dropped me off before rushing to lunch. Even though I could literally hear her stomach growling, she didn't once complain. I could already see that she was a very polite person. Frantically I entered Annie's and was greeted with a kiss on the lips from Harry Styles. A LONG kiss.


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