They Don't Know About Us

Taylor, 17 and from the USA, loves her boy bands more than anything. Specifically, One Direction. A group of five boys that have completely taken over her life. While in London, her life completely changes.Meeting Harry was a dream, and going on a date with him was even better.....

Ella Smythe, 18, works at a well known coffee shop in London and attends London University. On an afternoon like any other, she notices a special someone watching her intently. VERY intently. A certain someone named Zayn Malik.

Valerie Williams, 18, is single and loving it. Partying and being popular in college have been the best things that have ever happened to her. Other than meeting Louis Tominson. But her world starts falling apart when a shocking truth hits her and her family, making her value life more than she ever did.


10. Gotta Be You

*Taylor's POV*

         I didn't pull away. The kiss was just so good. His lips tasted so good. I just couldn't. I was sure no one in my place ever would. Harry broke away just moments after. 

         "You liked it didn't you, babe." He whispered in my ear. Looking at me, he winked. 


         "Danielle! This is the lovely girl I was talking to you about." Harry entwined his fingers through mine and led me to the display case of pastries. "Taylor, meet Danielle. She's a very good friend of mine."

         At first, I saw no one behind the counter. Suddenly, a crouched figure stood up. She was not too tall, but certainly taller than me, and had the most perfect curls. I mean besides Harry's. She quickly wiped her hands on her tiny waist apron. Smiling, she turned to me. "Hi, it's very nice to finally meet you Taylor!" Danielle nodded in Harry's direction and said, "He's been on a rant about how beautiful you are for the past hour, and I most definitely see that now."

         Waiiit, hold up. Hour? I glanced at a fairly rosy-cheeked Harry. "You've been waiting here for an hour?"

       Stroking the side of my hand with his thumb, he looked at me with a boyish face. "Well, yeah. I mean I just got too excited, and rushed over here just minutes after we met."

      I looked into his eyes. Frantically, I blurted. "I'm so sorry I was late! I just got caught up with things and--"

     I was stopped with yet another tender kiss. It was slow yet, passionate. I think he's in love with me.

     "Don't worry about it babe."Harry pushed back a strand of my hair. It was the annoying one on the left that I very much hated, but now...I don't. "Why don't we go sit, order some tea, and just get to know each other?"

      I smiled. "That would be great."


    *Harry's POV*

            It was almost 9:00 pm by the time Taylor and I had finished up. I had learned a lot about her. Like who her friends were, what she liked to do, and in general just random stuff. She told me she was a huge fan, which kinda, for some reason, surprised me. But, it didn't matter in my eyes. I loved her. Of course, there were those little make out sessions we had during the whole date. Those were my favorite.

           I decided to drop her at her new apartment, which she shared with a girl named Ella. I got her number, but before she got out of the car, we had yet another kissing session. It did get much more heated than the previous ones, but Taylor pulled away before we could get any further. 

         "I loved today." She cocked her head to the side. "We should do it again sometime."

         "We absolutely will. How 'bout tomorrow? I have a special treat in mind for you." 

         "Alright." Taylor opened the car door and hopped out. "Bye! Thanks for everything!"

         She shut the door before blowing a quick kiss to me. I waved back. I sensed that this was the beginning of something beautiful.

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