They Don't Know About Us

Taylor, 17 and from the USA, loves her boy bands more than anything. Specifically, One Direction. A group of five boys that have completely taken over her life. While in London, her life completely changes.Meeting Harry was a dream, and going on a date with him was even better.....

Ella Smythe, 18, works at a well known coffee shop in London and attends London University. On an afternoon like any other, she notices a special someone watching her intently. VERY intently. A certain someone named Zayn Malik.

Valerie Williams, 18, is single and loving it. Partying and being popular in college have been the best things that have ever happened to her. Other than meeting Louis Tominson. But her world starts falling apart when a shocking truth hits her and her family, making her value life more than she ever did.


13. Change My Mind

Valerie's POV 

        I was gobsmacked. 

       Pancreatic Cancer? How--what?A hard lump started to form in my throat as I tried to hold back the tears. With all my might, I tried to push it down, but it wouldn't budge. I just wanted to break down and cry. I had always been a healthy girl, eating my fruits and vegetables when instructed to do so. Sure, these past few days had been slutty, but I was a good girl. My thoughts drifted back to Louis. What would he be thinking? Although he was the one that insisted on tagging along. All the muscles in my body tensed when I turned to look at him. Louis' face was wan, completely shocked. I saw that every breath he took became more shaky than the next. I didn't get it. Why would he be worried? 

     The whole room was silent. Nothing could be heard, with the exception of my mum's occasional sniffles. Abruptly, Louis got out of his seat and shouted, "What in bloody hell makes you think that Valerie has pancreatic cancer?" 

     Dr. Smith let his head fall. "I'm sorry, Mr. Tomlinson, that you feel pain because of what I have said, but its the truth."He paused. "I would never lie to you about such things. I was there the day that Valerie was born, the day she got her first shot, and through every single checkup. I may not be her father, but I care for her like she's my own. It's killing me inside too."

      I watched as Dr. Smith exited the door, leaving us in yet another frightening silence. Louis’ chest rose up and down with a heightening pace. I practically saw the anger boiling up inside of him. He turned on his heel, attempting to go after Dr. Smith.


     “Louis no!” I grabbed at his arm.

     “Ow!” He shrieked in pain.

      I didn’t realize that my fingers were clawing into his muscle. “Sorry.”

       “I think I’ll leave you two alone for a while.” My mum bustled quickly out the door, but not before giving me a quick glance of sympathy. “My poor baby girl. I need a minute.”

         As soon as she was out the door, Louis reached for me, pulling me into him. A hug.  I found my body reacting to it by returning the gesture.

         The time that followed after was very comforting to me. I felt like I was drawing in comfort from Louis’ warm body. I rested my head on top of his heart. Thump-thump-thump. Regular heartbeat. We stood there quietly, Louis occasionally signing soft songs to me. I wanted to just live in the moment forever. He did care for me. I sighed. 4 months. 4 months until I would never see him again.

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