They Don't Know About Us

Taylor, 17 and from the USA, loves her boy bands more than anything. Specifically, One Direction. A group of five boys that have completely taken over her life. While in London, her life completely changes.Meeting Harry was a dream, and going on a date with him was even better.....

Ella Smythe, 18, works at a well known coffee shop in London and attends London University. On an afternoon like any other, she notices a special someone watching her intently. VERY intently. A certain someone named Zayn Malik.

Valerie Williams, 18, is single and loving it. Partying and being popular in college have been the best things that have ever happened to her. Other than meeting Louis Tominson. But her world starts falling apart when a shocking truth hits her and her family, making her value life more than she ever did.


11. Author's Note

I hope that a lot of you readers have noticed that some of the names of the chapters are titles of One Direction songs. Besides the fact that this is a One Direction fanfiction, I decided that it would be cool if a chapter does have the name of a song of theirs, you go and listen to it or just remember the tune/lyrics to the song. In a way, it should then give you a mood that the chapter has been set to. :) Please don't forget to leave comments or ideas about this and just basically the whole fan fiction. I really hope you guys like this idea, because I thought it would make the story a little more interactive and exciting!
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