They Don't Know About Us

Taylor, 17 and from the USA, loves her boy bands more than anything. Specifically, One Direction. A group of five boys that have completely taken over her life. While in London, her life completely changes.Meeting Harry was a dream, and going on a date with him was even better.....

Ella Smythe, 18, works at a well known coffee shop in London and attends London University. On an afternoon like any other, she notices a special someone watching her intently. VERY intently. A certain someone named Zayn Malik.

Valerie Williams, 18, is single and loving it. Partying and being popular in college have been the best things that have ever happened to her. Other than meeting Louis Tominson. But her world starts falling apart when a shocking truth hits her and her family, making her value life more than she ever did.


1. A Sudden Twist In Life

•Taylor POV• My TOMS hit the smooth pavement with a quiet thud. Landing in London had overwhelmed me with complete joy because I knew my five favorite guys lived here. "Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall.." I said as I smelled the fresh air. Being on a plane for almost 9 hours, wounded my inner fan girl miserably. Just the thought of being so close, yet so far away from my favorite guys was unbelievable. Exiting the parking lot, I made my way over to the bus which was going to take me to the university—er, excuse me— UNI, as they call it here. I glided up the stairs with ease, carrying my mulberry bag in one hand and my small Union Jack suitcase in the other. Most of the seats were taken, but I managed to slide in next to an elderly woman who had applied way too much makeup then was needed. If I looked close enough, I could just make out the hint of crow's feet jutting out from the sides of her eyes. The woman, probably thinking I was crazy, turned to me abruptly, " What are you looking at?" " Sorry."I turned around. Not too long after that, we arrived at the uni and I basically jumped out of the bus. I was so excited. My suitcase rolled along behind me and I enjoyed the view of strolling people, shiny cars, and a distant view of Big Ben. Suddenly, a tall figure bumped into me. "Watch—" I began, but not before I realized who I was looking at. Those It was the one and only—Harry Styles.

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