Beneath the Broken

Kira Evergreen never expected to see the light. No, not your normal light in the closet or the sun. But, seeing her life ending. Not all is what it seems when she falls into a vast unknown world. No, it wasn't heaven nor was it hell. She was in a place where it was dark everyday and every night. There were few people with her, most of them she knew nothing about and their faces were nothing fimilar. But, their personalities were all very fimilar. Everything finally come together and she realized where she was, and how to get out.


3. Where was I?

Present Time

          People were there, welcoming me. I had only one thought running through my head; Where was I? Most people would walk around an observe their surrondings but, I didn't. I just stood in one spot and continued processing what had happened the in the past five minutes. I thought that I was dying, that's where I was, right? Heaven? No. Hell? No. I couldn't dead then. Before I could think anymore a voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Hello, what's your name?" I jumped at the small, fragile voice beneath me. I slowly forced my head to look down as a small child was looking up at me.

"Well, hello. I'm Kira Evergreen. What's your name, sweetheart?"

"I'm Julie. How did you get here, are you the saviour of us all?" She spoke quietly so, the people peeking out from rummage couldn't hear a word of our conversation. But, before I could speak, I was questioning what she had just said. How did I get here; I didn't know how I got to this place. Saviour? I was not a saviour, I could tell her those things and she would understand, hopefully.

"Well, actually I have no clue how I got here, and I am pretty sure I'm not a saviour. Why would you need a saviour, and where am I exactly?"

"No time to explain." My body stiffened at those words. Those were the types of words you heard in a horror movie or a action movie, where somene always dies. Julie took my hand with an urge to lead me somewhere.



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