Beneath the Broken

Kira Evergreen never expected to see the light. No, not your normal light in the closet or the sun. But, seeing her life ending. Not all is what it seems when she falls into a vast unknown world. No, it wasn't heaven nor was it hell. She was in a place where it was dark everyday and every night. There were few people with her, most of them she knew nothing about and their faces were nothing fimilar. But, their personalities were all very fimilar. Everything finally come together and she realized where she was, and how to get out.


2. Love. When the Breaking News.

The Day Before

           Being with him were the best moments in my life. We laid on a long patterned blanket with a picnic basket beside us. After, we had finished our picnic lunch in the beautiful park, we laid and spoke to one another for awhile, just enjoying each others company. Then, after a moment of silence he broke the silence.

"Kira," he questioned my name about to speak again, " I don't know what I'd do if you..if you...ever..-"

"Shh.." I planted one finger of mine on his lips, "If I did, which I won't, then you'd find someone else and start out new."

"But, I only want you." he grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently.

"Don't spend the rest of your life lonely and depressed. I want another special girl to come into your life and make you happy. Miss me all you want, if I do die, but don't spend the rest of your life like that." I said with a smile. He smiled back and began to stroke my cheek. I sighed, I felt so happy when around him.

"Will you still love me, if know?" he asked. I sat up the slightest and gave him an awful glare.

"Ivan Aaron Tinwil, that is the stupidest question I have ever heard in my 17 years!" He chuckled, then looked at me with a straight face.

"I'm serious." he lifted his eyebrows.

"Just because my heart will be gone, doesn't mean I won't be able to love anymore. I only love you, and I'll always love you." I kissed him lightly. I reached my hand up to ruffle my hair but, forgot I hadn't had any in a long time. Ivan frowned and hugged me. I didn't understand why he had felt so bad for me, to be honest I didn't care that I didn't have any hair as long as I had my whole family and him I was fine. I began to get up but, he gently pulled me back down with a tug.

"Yes?" I asked, smiling.

"Stay, just another hour or so." Smiles found our faces, and I sat back down.

"It's so hard to say no to such a handsome, sweet guy." I said with a huge grin. He kissed my head, and I giggled.

I am pretty sure I fell asleep, and later Ivan carried me home. Ever since I had been dioagnosed with stomach cancer, I had never ate much, or some days nothing at all. Some types of cancer were cureable but, if they spread to much your out of luck. That's something that Ivan didn't know, and if he did he'd always be upset.

A Year Before

After getting the test done I had been worried about what the results were. Just that one phone call changed my whole life. I dropped the phone and sunk to the hardwood floor. Tears were my worst enemy but, they won this time, they poored from my eyes. I just felt like my whole world collapsed from under my feet.  After moments of tears I asked the doctor on the phone how long I had had it and if it was able to be cured. The doctor sighed and sid it was spreading quickly, that it hadn't been noticeable, for the past year it had been growing very quickly. I sat for a moment and asked again if it was able to be cured. He was silent for a few minutes then said the worst word in my life...the word that put me in a moment of agony... the word.. 'no'. Just a simple, 'no'. He apologised and I said thank you for your time then, hang up. I was in shock, and no one understood how much of a panic I was in. I put the phone back on the hook, and walked into the living-room. Sitting down beside my parents and being utterly quiet was too much for them to handle.

"What is wrong with you, honey?" my mother asked.

"I have to tell you guys something..just promise me you won't get upset about it." I said in a clear tone.

"You better not be a mother, yet!" my dad said.

"No, I'm serious. It's not that, it's something worse." They were silent for a few minutes waiting for me to say what was wrong. I didn't have enough heart to tell them. Taking in a deep breath, I started to speak, " I have cancer..." They looked at me.

"Stop playing jokes, hun. That's not funny at all." My mom said.

"I'm not joking! Why would I joke about something like that?! If you don't believe your own daughter, then go ask my doctor! Maybe, you'll believe him more than me!" I said getting up and running into my room, slamming the door behind me. I leaned against the door and began to cry again, knowing that my own parents didn't believe me. They never believed me until a couple days later when I collapsed onto the gym floor at my school.



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