Beneath the Broken

Kira Evergreen never expected to see the light. No, not your normal light in the closet or the sun. But, seeing her life ending. Not all is what it seems when she falls into a vast unknown world. No, it wasn't heaven nor was it hell. She was in a place where it was dark everyday and every night. There were few people with her, most of them she knew nothing about and their faces were nothing fimilar. But, their personalities were all very fimilar. Everything finally come together and she realized where she was, and how to get out.


1. Death

                   Somehow I knew I was going to die that night. I felt tears sweep across my face, but not tears of sadness. Tears of happiness, fear, and thankfulness. I lived a life of 17 years, not long you may say. But, I had done everything I had ever wanted to do, fall in love,  have my first kiss, try new things, and experince the best year of my life when turning 16. I sat still blinking at the thoughts of when I was young and had hopes and dreams of being a singer or actor. I laughed, but ended up coughing. It felt like I was coughing up my lungs, and it was starting to get hard to breath. I went back to my thoughts. I remember when I fell in love when I was only 14, Ivan Tinwil. He was two years older than me, but he always made me happy. My parents never very enthusiastic about me dating older men but, as long as I was happy they were ok with it. My parents were very easy going and as happy as I was. I never had any health issuses when growing up, until I turned 16. I had always felt the slightest bit queasy when I ran, everyone said it was normal. My stomach would hurt more often without me having to do anything.  I lost more and more weight everyday.I lost appetite and brgan to vomit. I had never metioned any of this to my parents.So, one day before I went to school I went to the doctor. The doctor told me I had a tumor inside my stomach, and it contained cancer. All I could think was 'I'm going to die.' Once, I had told my parents they didn't believe me. At school one afternoon during gym class, I collapsed onto the gym floor. My whole body gave out from under me, and I was down. I heard my friends scream in fright and the gym coach panic. That was all I remembered, I heard many people say that I died and came back. But, I didn't want to believe them, and neither did my parents. My boyfriend said that if anything happened to me like that again, and I didn't come back that he'd be either up there with me. I always told him to keep going without me, but he insisted. When turning 16, I had never felt so happy in my life, even if my cancer was not curable because it had spread too much. Then, more memories of my boyfriend came flooding back like a river. When we had first met he had short black hair, and bright blue eyes. The first time I laid my eyes on him I had to know more about him, I had to get to know him. Our first date was at a hockey game, I had always been a big fan and so had he. The days went by like seasons and it has been together for four years. Everything was perfect and he loved me the way I loved him. He had already graduated by the time I turned 15, but I didn't care and neither did he. Then, a year later when I had told him about the cancer that I had. He started to get really upset about it. I always told him I'd be fine, even though I knew I only had a little while to live. That last day I was going to be alive was this morning, and that night I would die. I smiled, my eyes were trying to shut. I stretched my weak arm over to my phone, and grabbed it almost dropping it to the floor. I dialed his number, now not so sure if I was able to speak. The phone rang twice then, a husky voice answered.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Ivan..I love you.." I could barely speak.

"Kira, is that you?" he asked.

"Ivan..I-I am dying. I love you, babe.." I said almost in tears.

"STOP JOKING WITH ME! Where are you at?! Where are you at hun?" he asked repeatidly.

"Home..I'll see you heaven." I said smiling through the tears.

"I'm coming right now! Your going to be fine! I'll-" he was about to finish, but I hung up.

"I love you Ivan.." I whispered. 

A few minutes later I felt myself drift away slowly. It was the best feeling I had ever felt. Everything was spinning but, I was going in one direction. I was skiing and I fell but, I kept falling and kept falling until there was no end. My body was no longer with me, I was a flying soul. Until, everything stopped. I rewinded backwards and I feel into a dark place..all black. It was the most twisted place I'd ever saw. No, I couldn't be in hell. wasn't. It was the slightest bit' better. There were people there, welcoming me.

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