Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


13. The right thing to do


"WHAT?! are you crazy!?"

"Yeah Mary... We can't go back"

"But Louis.....is my uncle!"


"Zayn C'mon! I haven't seen him in years! I have soo much to ask him!.... like why their was a picture of him in that killers house!?"

"Well, I get you Mary...but...well, here is something I never imagine  me saying...Zayn is kind of right"

"KIND OF? I'M SOO RIGHT....wait, HEY!"

"mmmmm....Can I say what I think?"

"Look Little Lou this is a grown up probl-"

"Of course you can"

"Thanks Mary"

"mm...well, I know its dangerous going back there...but we have too"



"Did you left your teddy bear?"

"NOOO!...It's right here"

"Well...then why?"

"mmm, because the other day...I heard this two playing and Louis was complaning about something...again, and I tried to go there to tell him that Teddy needed to slee-"

"Well, I'm sorry!...its just that Mary cheated!"

"No I didn't...you just don't know how to play"

"Yes I do! you cheated"

"Just admit it Louis!"

"No! you admit it!"

"Just let it go...it was like two days ago"

"No I won't unti-"

"GUYS! ....let my brother finish"


"All right...but you cheated"

"Anyway....I was walking down stairs when I found a note...more like a check list....It was hard to read but I think it said something of revenge, with some man"


"Lou are you serious?"

"Yeah...look...here is the note"

1.Found the girl @@

2.Steal the ring @@

3.Kill my assistant @@

4.Go back to the hospital to free them

5.Get revenge of Paul

That was horrifying...how can a person be that mean?! the worst was the check list was almost done...so many questions entered to my head in that moment...who did she meant with the girl? ...What ring?...Free who?...and Paul? Who was Paul?

Then the worst came to my head...Paul was my uncles name...the killer might be after him....but if she was why?

"Oh my gosh!"

"Do this changes something?"

"Something?! EVERTHING! my uncle might be in danger! we have to save him!"

"Look...Mary...I know you care about your uncle...but what are we going to do when we get there?"

"Zayn is right...maybe we are just letting her catch us again"

"It could be a trap!"

"but guys..." 

"Look Mary...I know this is important to you...but we can't do anything there...maybe we should just call the cops"

"Maybe you are right"

I haven't seen him in many years but I still  care about him...and now that he might be in danger...I just wanted to make sure he was okay...maybe Lauren was right...maybe we shouldn't go and just call the cops...maybe that's the right thing to do...but if it IS why do I feel doing just the opposite?

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