Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


16. The Encounter


I stopped running...I was too tired..Ryan standed beside me

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah...c'mon, let's keep going"

"Mary...is not a maraton"

"I know...It's much serious than that!..my uncle is in danger!"


"NO BUT'S! Keep going!"

"I should have stayed with Lauren...they are probably eating right now..watching T.V"

"Well, I didn't asked you to come"

"I know...just..just....auch!"

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah...it's just my stomach...I'm really really hungry"

"But we are almost there"

"At least five minutes of resting?" He immidiatly sat down

"Okay....gosh..now i know what Lauren was talking about Zayn"

"Hey..we haven't stopped every five minutes!...I told you too stop every TEN!"

i smiled..and sat beside him...then we both sighed

"It's just unreal right?"


"This! We being kiddnapped! and my uncle in danger! and...us, running to save him"

"I know..I think I had never seen it that way...Wow!"

"It's seems like a movie or something...I never thought this will hapened to me"

"Me neither...none of us did"

***The Boys****


"Hey guys!"

"Eleanor! What are you doing here?! I thought you were with Tiffany and Monica on the police station" Danielle said impressed

"No...I left before that..I told you, but you just wouldn't listen to me"

"Clearly" said Niall..causing everybody to look at him

"But how did you got here?!" Liam asked

"Well, It's kind of a long story"

"Don't worry...We have all night" said Harry

 It was that night..when you discovered a posible location of Mary..

"Well, I'll just go out for air.....and get my eyes of!"

"Great, El"

"Guys! You are not listening to me!"

"You could help us passing us those papers"

"Here...I'm going to find my boyfriend with your help or not...I'm leaving"

I that moment..none of you asnwered...I took a photo of the location..and left the house..I got in the car  and looked at the picture..the coordinates wouldn't make sence at all..I started to think...but the only thing that camed to my mind was that kiddnaping movie..were they had the prisioners in the forest...and belive it or not..that's what I did..but I got lost..and my car run out of gas..I was in the middle of the street, when a very creepy woman camed and talked to me..she helped me but she told to asnwer her some questions in return...and I didn't saw the problem..

"Wait....so you just told her about your private life?!" Niall said worried

"No!...it was some weird questions...but..there were about food and locations"

"What questions did she asked?" asked Danielle

"Well, she asked me..were was the hospital for crazy people"

"To see a phychiatric?" asked Liam

"Yeah...it was kind of weird"

"Well, she obviously needed it" Niall said

"Yeah" Danielle add

"What other thing did she asked?" Liam asked

"About a famous ring and were was it made the Winconsin cheese"

"Wow! That woman was CRAZY!" Niall said

"That's suspicious...why would she asked all that..in payment for helping you?" Liam said

"I don't know..."

"Continue El" Danielle said

After she repared my car..I continue my research..but then i saw something moving between the trees..that falled down..It was a boy..I got out of the car and helped him..but I haven't seen anything like a hospital in hours...and i didn't think I will..but suddenly I got here..and asked for help and he gave it to me..but after a few hours, when the kid woke up..he got scared..but the man calm him and talk too him for a while..I couldn't hear much but it seemed about a girl or something..anyway, at the end he left..I just stay here for a while and I was going away right now but you got here

"Wow! who will imagine we will end up in the same strange house in the forest?!" Niall exclamated

"Yeah...I know...how did you guys got here?"

"Liam got lost" Niall immidiatly said

"Hey! I didn't got lost! I..I..just-"

"Love, admit it...you got lost" Danielle said while she came closer to Liam and grab his hands

"All right...but it wasn't MY fault!" He responded

"I know..I know..It was Niall's..I know" She answered..

 "HEY!" Niall shouted

They all laughed..we sat down and rest..we were exhausted!..we just needed a rest


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