Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


8. Suprises


it was...........


"Would you please low your voice, you don't let me sleep" he said with his cute voice while he was cleaning his eyes

"Yeah sure don't worry" I said 

"Well, now its too late, I'm not sleepy anymore" he said all grumpy

We laughed and told him to come in

"Well, who is this little girl?" said Liam all curious

"Wow! what was that?!" Louis said impressed

"mmm...Me...hi,I'm Liam"


"Nooo noo noo, hahaha, its me in the phone"

"Whats a phone?" he asked all inocent

"Its this" I told him, while i grab it and show it to him

"and this phena can talk?"

"phone louis" said Lauren

"well, phone.... can talk?"

"No dear, its a person"

"THE PHONE ATE THE PERSON!" he said horrified dropping it on the floor, he was about to step on it but I stop him and told him

"no, Its a person that has another phone and we talk threw it"

"Its kind of a radio?"

"Yeah, but I can answer it"

"HE CAN HEAR ME?!" He said impressed


He grab it with fear and said hello

"Hello" answered Liam, he shouted and drop it again

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHH" said Lauren"...you're gonna wake up the killer....or worst RYAN!"

"I thought the killer was worst than Ryan" I said lauging

"Well, brother, sister...Its natural" she answered

"Hey guys, I don't know if you notice but you still in the crippy house OF THE KILLER" Liam shouted

"Yeah, right, lets get to work" I said

"What are you doing?" Louis asked

"You are a very curious boy don't you?" Liam said 

"I -I-I guess" He said nervously

"Well, really, back to work, Lou can you please go up stairs?"

"Are you kidding?! up there is the *freak* and I'm not getting close to her again" Louis said

"WOW! you talk like a teen boy" I said laughing

"Its not my fault...I live with Ryan" he answered

"Well, okay you can stay but any interruption and you are out" Lauren said

He passed his fingers threw his mouth in signal that its locked

"Well, where were we?" said Liam

"In the part whe-"

"Hey bro!!! whats upp? who are you talking too? ohh its that a friend of yours? why are you hiding?"

I could reconize that voice, it was Louis, he didn't knew about what was really going on, thee only ones that knew were Liam and Niall

"Just a few more minutes" said Liam

"Ohh, soo you can't talk when I'm here" Said Louis (tomlinson)

"Noo its not that-"

"No no okay, i get it, no one whats me close" he faked crying and walk to the door expecting Liam to stop him

"Wait!" said Liam

Louis smiled and turned around "What?" 

"You promise, you won't tweet it?!"


"Well...its hard to sayy"

"Me! Its me Louis! Mary!"

"I know who you are, why tell me again your infornt of me" said Louis (Laurens brother)

"hahah no I'm talking to that Louis" I said pointing to the phone

"Ins't Liam?" Louis said (Laurens brother)

"they are 2" I said

"How 2 people can talk with the same phena?"

"phone" Lauren corrected

"Just like we are doing now" i said

"Mary? is that you?" Louis said (Tomlinson)


"Wow! girl! we been looking for you for AGES! WHERE IN THIS BLOODY WORLD ARE YOU?"

"I have no idea"


"I have now idea"

"I know I heard that, but why?"

"cause, lets say I don't want to be here"

"So why are you there?"

"cause-cause they kidnapped me"

"HAHAHA yeah sure, now tell me"

"No no its true!"

"Yeah its true" Liam also said

"Did you really belive that?" Louis said (tomlinson)


"its true" I said

"Yeah, and I'm married to Susan Boyle"Said Louis (Tomlinson)

"whos Susan Boyle?" someone said on the door, Louis (Laurens brother) walked foward to the door and opened it "RYAN!" Lauren said

"Are you spying on us?!" Lauren said upset

"I...I just wanted to know what you are up too"

"And you listen it all! Ryan! you are in-"

"Lauren don't worry, we are lucky that it wasn't the killer or Mandy" I said laughing at the end 

"Yeah, imagine if she finds out" Lauren said

"Find out what?!" said a angry voice that came from the door, we all turn around and saw her....IT WAS THE KILLER

"You kids didn't understand that I know EVERYTHING! NOW GET OUT OF HERE IF YOU WANT FOOD FOR TOMORROW!" she shouted pointing at Lauren,Ryan and Louis...They walk out shaking, they had right too! SHE WAS SCARY!

"AND YOU!" shee shouted to me

"Think before you do things stupid, there is no way your getting out of here!" she said walking out with her evil laugh....I thought that was only on movies but apparently it wasn't






The next day, something woke me up, it was a weird noise, I thought it was Lauren

"Lauren stop it.." i said, still with my eyes close


"Hey, STOP" I said, grabbing my pillow  and putting it on my face

TUC TUC TUC the sound continue, but this time a little harder

"HEY STOP IT!" I shouted while I stood up, but no one was there....I watch the hole room,makking sure that I was alone, but when I was about to close my eyes....



then I turned around again, and I was shocked with what i just seen....I couldn't belive it!....there it was...........

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