Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


15. Scape and Survive


"Finally! Our house!"

"Wow! Is this really your place?"

"Yes, Ryan"

"I missed this place soo much!.......HELLO PEOP-....where is everybody?"

"Zayn,I'll check out the room upstairs"

"What's wrong Zayn?"

"It seems like there is no one home.."

"Maybe they went out for a bit"

"I don't think so...I'm sure Liam wouldn't let them"


"ZAYN! They are not here!"

"Okey Lou! Let's go to the records building and see if they are there"


******The Boys (Danielle)******

"Liam...love...just tell me...are we lost?"

"For the fifth time...We are not lost!!...We...We are almost there"

"I haven't seen a placard in hours"

"Harry...I know where are we going"

"We're like in a farm or something"

"Its kind of creepy in here,Liam"

"Guys..please, just let me do the work"

"LOOK! A HOUSE!....maybe they could help us"

"Danielle..I told you, I know where are we go- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" 

Liam quickly stopped the car..their was something in the middle of the street, it seemed like a person...and we almost crash it

"I'll go see"

"No! Niall! It could be...the killer"

"Shut up Harry...I'm sure its just an old ladie"

"Be careful at least Niall"

"I will..don't worry guys"

He got out of the car...he started to walk farther and father away...my heart accelerated a million for hour...suddenly, the person got Niall and he strated to move like he was being suffocated..I wanted to go out of the car and help him but Liam stopped me... suddenly he got up, and both came closer to the car..the shadows of the night covered Niall completely..It's was horrifing..then he was finally illuminated by the cars lights...he was laughing

"Guys...its just a straw man" 

It was true..he had it in his hand..it was destroid but real creepy

"And what about the suffocating!?"

"You belived that?! wow! and I thought I was a terrible actor!"

"Oh! C'mon Niall!"

He got in the car again..laughing..and Liam tried to start the car again...but it wasn't working anymore

"What's wrong Liam?"

"It just won't turn on!"

"Let me try"

"It's the same Niall"

"What are we going to do know?!"

"I don't know Danielle"

"Hey! We could go to that house we saw before.."

"No way!" they all said

"C'mon!...what other choice we have?"

He was right..he all got out of the car, and went to the house..before we could  even touch the bell the light turned on...we heard someone go down stairs..she immidiatly opened the door...we ended all confused when we saw her..how does she even got there?


"Oh hey guys!"


"Ryan! Stop following me! I TOLD YOU! I'M FINE!"

"but Lauren told me to take care of you"

"She didn't told you anything...I heared her calling you back"

"Well....anyway...where are you planning to go?"

"Honestly...i don't know..I wanted to save my uncle..so I ran...but I don't really know where to start looking for him...and i don't even know if he has changed of look!"

"Wow!..you really messed up"

"What a way to cheer me up!"

"Sorry....So what do we do know?"

"I'll start in the forest"


"Shhhh....someone will hear you! and it's really late"

"So what?! I won't go to the forest again!"

"So you prefer to stay here alone in the middle of the street...at night?"

"Okay...I'll go...but, the forest is huge! we will never find him! and what if the killer sees us?!"

"Calm down...let's just hope that dosen't happen...c'mon..we have to get out of here..they police will suspect"

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