Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


4. Problems come around


Just opening my eyes, seeing the light coming into my room by the window, remembering the great times I had last night, I couldn't be happier! ...I got off  my bed and started  jumping and screaming, I stoped for a second...went to my door and checked if someone was in the house...thank god no one was!...I ran into my bed and started jumping and and screaming again...but suddenly my smile dissapeared...I remembered the little argument I had with Tom...how could he?!,

I was just standing there in my bed sad because a thing that we all ready talk about and "fixed"..NO!..I had to let goo and enjoy another beutiful day remembering the awesome things that happened last night!

I got off my bed,and got ready, just wanted fresh air, it was finally Saturday...I really needed to get a little walk and some fresh air, but as soon as i walk out of my door something grab me and cover my mouth...I tried to scream but it was to late, he locked me in the back of his truck.....


Suddenly I felt a gun on the back of my head..

"If you scream again your dead, you hear me?" he said with his angry,deep voice

I was shaking, I started brething really fast and tears got out of my eyes, I WAS TERRIFIED! just sitting there in a dark truck, grabing your legs, swinging them and thinking "Why me?" -....it was horrible...

After hours of driving, he finally stopped the truck, and got out, I crawled to the little window that was on the left...I couldn't see much, but I saw a house, we were in the middle of the woods, the house was really crippy...broken windows,unpainted walls...just terrifying! ...

Suddenly I saw the guy coming out....he was walking back wards with his hands up saying 


he stayed walking till I got to see to hands holding a gun, pointing at him...



I did a little scream, and crawl to the other side of the truck, I couldn't breathe,I was grabbing my legs , shaking more thatn before and started crying...

then I crawled again to the window, I need to see if the other guy was gone to run out!...

I didn't saw anybody so I tried opening  the door......."Danm!"..... IT WAS LOCKED!

...........then I saw a face on the window, She....YES SHE! A WOMAN! was looking at me with the most evil look,gritting her teeth....her eyes were almost read, for a moment I belived this was it! the end of my life! that she was going to kill me......but no.....she opened the door and grab me strongly to the door of that horrible house, she got me blood out my arm, but i didn't say anything, well acctually I couldn't, my voice was gone, I was just crying and crying while shaking...

She tooked me to a dark little room and throw me there, then she enter and close the door, she grab me again and strongly sat me on a chair, she  tie my hands, and my legs, then she took a little scarf and tie my mouth, but that wasn't enough for her, she also grab a bag  and put it on my head...now I couldn't see anything!, I heard the door close, I prefered to be alone that with that horrible woman that just killed a poor man that only wanted to save his kids!....poor man!


***********************************************The boys********************************

"Hey guys!" said Tiffany

"Hey" all answer her,

they were meeting for dinner again to celebrate peacefully Niall's birthday..All were there, Tiffany,Monica,Danielle,Eleanor,Perrie,The boys and the band..their was only one person left....me!

"Guys have you seen Mary?, I texted her about the dinner but she did answer, I also called her and went to her place...but she wasn't there"

"Nop" Zayn quickly answered

"Me neither" Harry,Louis and Niall said quickly...All the others also said the same

"Then were is she?" said Tiffany really confused  

"Lets see, Josh, Tom have you seen Mary?" asked Monica

"not really" said Josh

"Nop me neither" said Tom

"Well, thats weird, she never misses a meeting..." said Tiffany 

Liam got out the restaurant and said to us "Guys, you need to go inside, the waitress is trying to move me to a table of one person, she dosen't belives me"

"Yeah we should probably go inside" said Louis



After eating, Mary still didn't appear, Tiffany retun to the table, she was on the door waiting for Mary, after 15 minutes she started to get worried..

"Guys! Mary haven't come yet! I'm really starting to get worried! why if something happened to her!?"

"Love, you need to calm down" said Niall

"NO! what if she is hurt, or having a heart attack and we are here waiting for her!"

"I don't think she is having a heart attack" said Zayn laughing


"Calm down a little bit...I'm sure she is just laying in her bed, sleeping peacefully and she didn't come because she felt bad or something" said Niall

"What! and how do you know that!? have you been spying on her? do you like her?! and thats why she didn't come because you said you like her and this was going to be awkward...oh well Niall tha-"

"WOW! WOW! WOW! calm down a little bit! I was just guessing, you really think I'm that kind of jerk!?...you know the only girl in the world for me is you, my heart only belongs to you darling, just yo-" 

Tiffany kiss him on the lips, a short but romantic kiss.. then she said

"I'm sorry, I love you"

"I love you too" and kiss again

The guys were watching them with their mouth open,they saw each other whispering that they thought that was ridiculous...while the girl were sighing looking at them like it was a love movie...they were perfect for each other...


I opened my eyes, I WAS IN MY ROOM ! but how?....I ran down stairs and saw all the guys sitting in the couch watching tv....I stand there and smiled....I was about to cry.....I clean my tears and shout


but they didn't answer........I was weird...so I tried again


no anwser again....so I decideed to walk and stand infront of the tv, but when I saw their faces....THEY WEREN'T THEM! THEY WERE A KIND OF MONSTERS!....."no, no, no , no"


I run out while screaming to my room, I enter and locked the door, I sat down on the floor crying again


I didn't anwser, I will never do that....but it was a mistake, a hand made a hold on the door and tried to opened

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" i screamed again, they were about to get me when.......




opened my eyes

It was all a dream!...well actually a nightmare....but an otherone was on, I WAS STILL IN THAT HORRIBLE HOUSE! TIED UP!

What to do??!! what to do??!!

i looked around and screamed


She took the mask off and said "is it really that ugly?, or you are just one of that scary girls?"


"don't worry you don't have to answer little felaw"

It was a girl about my age, she was dressed as a maid.... cooking while whistling....it was kind of funny, the only happy thing that had happened to me since yesterday

"Well, what do you want for breakfast little girl?"

"I...I don't..."

I still couln't talk...she looked at me all confused and  said

"and whats that?"

She thought that I mentioned a food...I laughed...

"Thats not a food haha"

"Oh!...yeah...I...I knew that.." she said

I laughed again, she was funny, I didn't get why she was working in that horrible house, with a killer!

"So, now, talking about food, what do you want to eat?" she asked again

"I don't know, anything!"

"So grass?"

"What? noo"

"you said anything" she said laughing

"well, I didn't ment that...lets see... eggs? I said 

"coming up!" she said like in a restaurant

After eating and talking for like half an hour something interrupt us

"Nana! the tv isn't working again!"

It was a kid of like 6 years old? with broken closes...he had black hair with big dark brown eyes, he seemed kind of mad...

"Ryan! what did I told you about coming down stairs with that close when we have company!"

"Well, nothing nana"

"Really?" she said confused "It wasn't you the one I gave you the speech?

"Noo Nana" he said , hidding he was laughing

"Louis!! come here for a second" she said loudly

suddenly a cute guy my age appeared, he had green eyes unlike the other boy, and blonde hair...he was dressed a little better than his brother..he had old blue jeans and a white dirty shirt

"Whats up?,.... nana" he ask...then he looked at me, he looked confused and kind of worried

"Did I told Ryan about the close thing? about entering here and all that?"

"I not sure, but I think..." he stopped talking and looked at the other kid he was ptting doggie puppy eyes but he did a evil smile like he was going to make his revenge or something..

"yes you did nana!"

"NOOOOOO!" Ryan screamed, "you ruin my plan! as always!"

"Well, then you shouldn't have broken my phone!" said Louis

"I said I was sorry!"

"Guys, guys, we had company!" she said, while she was surreptitiously pointing at me

The two kids said "ohhhh"

"yes, now go to your rooms and i'll fix the tv later!" she said


They left



"Sorry about that, my brothers are a little....,you know.... btw I didn't tell  you my name, I'm Lauren"

"Oh! haha don't worry about that! and  I'm Mary btw"



This could be the start of a good friendship....


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