Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


6. Phone Hero


Lauren started runing to the little room where Mary was staying,and her brother run behind her... she thought something terrible had happened to her...But thinking it againg what could be worst that being locked up in a extremely disgusting room with a killer in the other side of the door...

Lauren opened the door,....she was all prepared, with a broomstick and a rock in the other hand but she didn't saw anything bad.. she just saw Mary sitting down talking in the phone... "were did you get that phone?" she asked "And why were you screaming?!"

"Yeah, you got us all scared!" said Ryan

Lauren and Louis saw him all suspicious and Mary laughed "I'm sorry" she said whispering "Its that I found this-.." she stopped talking for a minute and thought that is she said all the truth they were gonna....she got the conclusion of not telling them, for security..."Its was just a spider, sorry for scaring you all" slowly she drag the phone to her back pretending to be accomodating her hair and made a fake smile with her head a little inclined

"Well, okay, but you really scared us, I'm glad you are okay, but are you sure thats all?"

"Yeah, don't worry"

Lauren pushed Ryan to outside the room and closed the door..Mary quickly  got her phone out and put her in her ear

"Hello? are you still there?"

nobody respond but when she was about to hang up she heard

"Yeah! I'm still here! what was that?"

"Oh thank god" she put her phone againg in her ear and said

"Oh, sorry about that Niall! just some people that are traped here to but hey how did-"

"Well, you were gone for 2 days, and we thought... I don't know ....that something was wrong"

"Yeah, ...Oh!...what about my mom! is she worried?"

"I went there...I'm mean your house..and ask her because all were worried and she told me you were staying at Danielle's house"


"Yeah, the girls did that on purpose...to cover you while they looked for you, but they kind of don't understand that this is reallity not a game"

"haha, well we are girls Nialler!!"

"Sooo, now that we contact you were--ca-we- fi-d-uo-"

"Niall, I can hear you"

"wh-r- ar- uo"

"Niall? are you   stiill there? I can't hear you very well"

"ca- uo- he- ar- me---- piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

"What the--? Niall? are you still there? niall?"

"I'm just messing with you"


"Well that makes it even funnier......well now seriously, can you tell us were are you or at least how does the things around the house are?"

Mary stood up and starting looking for a window....."no, no, no , GOT IT!" 

A little tiny window at the edge between the wall and ceiling, it was easy to found because it was the only thing that gave light to the room

"Did you found something?" said Niall

"Yeah, but I can't reach it"

"Well, its kind of a prision, they don't want you to scape, why in the world would they put a window in the middle of the room?"

"Okay, thank you for the lesson Niall" She said sarcasticlly "but I'm trying to climb up the wall here"

"Okay, I'll be quite"

After a while Mary was almost there, just one little centimeter and she was going to see by the window, finally

"almost there, just a little more"

"DID YOU MADE IT?" said Niall

Mary fall down


Someone enter again to the room, this time was only Ryan, and saw all those chairs and pillows, all tied up like a mountain all heading to the window

"Are you traing to scape?"

"No no Ryan, don't get this wrong I was just--"

"Mary, are you still there?" a voice came out of the phone 

Mary tried to hide it but it was to late, Ryan enter to the room and grab the phone

"Mary, its Liam, are you okay, Niall told me something fall down or something"

"Its this a phone?" asked Ryan

"Well..." Maryy said

"Cool! I haven't seen one of those in years!"

"Are you serious?" said Mary all impressed

"Yeah!" "Oh, and next time you want to escape do at night, she goes out for more victims to catch then you'll be free to go"

"Wow! thanks!"

"Don't metion it"

"mmm guys! i'm still here" said Liam on the phone

Ryan gave the phone to Mary

"Hey....., yes I'm fine....., oh his a friend,...yeah, but maybe better at night you know?" Mary looked at Ryan and winked at him....he smiled, then he left...maybe he wasn't such a bad person

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