Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


10. Oh no!


Mary's P.O.V

"YES! I WIN!" I shouted

"Oh shut up! its a stupid game anyway!" Louis said while he turned around

"Yes,I know how you feel, I remember when I said that when I was playing with Lauren,IT FEELS GOOD TO WIN..... where is she anyway?" i said

"Who's this Lauren you always mention?" asked Louis

"Its a friend, from here, the one that I tri......" i paused and lowed my face down

"What?" Louis said

"The one I tried to helped before we get trapped..." I said saddly

Louis raised my head  and said

"Hey, it's okay, you don't have to feel guilty....we'll get out of here...I promise"

I really hoped that those words were true....I just wanted to get out of there...BUT HOW?


**********************************With Zayn*****************************

"Soo, you live here?" Zayn asked

"shhhhh, I'm trying to think" Lauren said whispering

"Ohh.... all right...." he said "...but why are we whispering?" he said whispering

"Because we are  trying to get to the house without being cut" Lauren said

"But..." Zayn tried to say




"Just lis..."



"ok...what?" Lauren said desperate

"But you all ready live here...don't you?" Zayn said

"Yees..why?" she answered

"Then why are you hiding again?" Zayn asked

"Because ....well...its.......    You're right! why I'm hiding? I live here...I can get them out" Lauren said

"Yeah...and I'm the stupid one" Zayn said sarcastically

"Heyy" Lauren said

"Just saying" Zayn said laughing

************************************At the boys******************************

"Guys, what did you find out?" Said Danielle, while she was getting foward the computer Niall and Liam were using

"Not much....." Niall said

"Wait! Whats that?" Liam said, pointing to the computer

"What?" Niall asked

"THAT! the dot!" Liam said

"Hey guys...I'm really worried of Zayn and Lou...I haven't seen them since yesterday" Eleanor asked

"Maybe they wanted some alone time....some Zouis time" Niall said joking

"NIALL" Liam shouted horrified

"sshhhh....Maybe this is a clue to find Mary!" Danielle said

"but guys.." Eleanor tried to say

"shhhh..." they 3 said

"Well, guys I'm just going for a walk" she said while she turn around..."And getting my eyes out of my face" she said sarcastically

"Great" Niall said

"GUYS! you are not listening to me!" Eleanor shouted

"Sorry El, but this thing is important...you could help us passing us those papers" Liam said 

"Here" El said while she passed the papers...she roled her eyes and went outside....she was going to find her  boyfriend...with their help or not...

**************Zayn and Lauren walking on the forest to get to the other side of the house**************

"NOW WHAT!?" Lauren screamed

"Look!  A RAT!" Zayn  said disscused 

"Oh c'mon! its just a little cute rat" Lauren said while she grad  it

"eewww" Zayn said

Lauren rolled her eyes and laugh

"C'mon lets keep going" Lauren said

:::after a few minutes::::

"I'M SOOO TIREEEDD!" Zayn shouted 

"Oh God!" Lauren said while she tried to calm down "Okay Zein.."


"Whatever...You are supposed to be man"

"I am!"

"Okay, let me see If  I got this right, you were scared of a snake,rat,mouse and a BUTTERFLY...and when we passed the river you didn't want to get your hair wet and you cried...but yes you're a man?" Lauren said sarcastically

"EXACTLY! finally someone gets me!" Zayn shouted

Lauren rolled her eyes


"sooo what"

"can we stop now?"

"We took a break like 5 minutes ago"

"weell, I'm tired!" he said just like a little kid

"Can't belive this" she said to her self "Okey...lets see if you get it in other way...mmm....GOT IT!"

"Zayn, Imagine their was a princess and-"


"Good" she said trying to hide her anger

"Well and the princess gets trapped" 

"NOO" Zayn said

"Yes! by a evil old women"

"But..... old women are not evil...they bake me cookies"

"Well, she was trapped by a evil kid"

"kids are good people"


Zayn lows his face and starts fake crying

"ohh...sorry...I didn't know you were soo sensible...do you want to tell me how was the villain?"

"Okay!" he says happily "It has to be a man!...with a patch! and dressed in black...THAT HAS A CAT!"

"Oookaayy" Lauren says confused

"Well, the evil man with the patch captured the princes"


"Okay, with a cat"


"Okay okay..dressed in black...now you have to save the princess all right?"

"I guess"

"But a hero can't complain about anything"


"anything! he has to be brave...unless you don't want to be the hero"

"YES I WANT TOO...its just that the butterfly's are scarry and the water is..."

"Are you scared of water?"

"Noo" he says 


"shhh, don't say it out loud!"

"I'm sure everybody all ready knows"


"Mary told me you were famous"


"yeahh...soooo...wanna keep walking?"

"mmm yes"



Lauren turn around looking mad

"JUST KIDDING" he said laughing

*******************************************Mary and Louis***********************************

"mmmm...well played" I said

"Really?..I don't really know how to play chess...I never imagine someday that would be the only interesting thing to do....I'm not even watching!" Louis said

 "Okay, lets do something else"


"You were the one that complained...."

"Weeeeeeeell....let's play hi-"



"Not you! Louis! THERE!" I said pointing to little Lou

"Hello" Little Louis said nervous

"Hey little fellow! What's you're name?"

"Are you serious?" i said

"What?" Louis said confused

"Him...Louis...Scream...just a second ago....Really?" i said


"Maryyy....just wanted to ask you something" said little louis, trying to change the subject

"Sure" i said

"Do you like Ryan....like...to like like"

"Are you serious? Why are you asking this?" I said confused

"This is gonna be interesting" Louis said while he sat down

"Well, is that Ryan, keeps asking himself that...so I decided I should asked you...to know"

"and tell him?" Louis asked


"Look Lou...You're brother and I are really good friends, and we love each other, but not in that way...I'm sorry"

"All right!...I'll leave now" Mini Louis said


"What now Louis?"

"That was hard"


"Well, poor guy...and you said it right in his face!"

"What do you mean? he wasn't there, that was his brother"

"Yes he was!...behind the door!..wait...you didn't saw him?"

"No....he listened to the hold thing?....Oh no!!"

Couldn't belive it....this was definatily not my week...locked in a creepy house, with a crazy killer...trapped one of my best friends here and probably lost another one...HAD TO BE A NIGHTMARE!  

just had too get out of there



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