Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


12. My uncle?


"Mary, Are you okay? you have been staring that picture for hours! It's starting to freak me out"

"Oh, don't worry....It's just...It's too weird"


"Look, this is my uncle...I found this in the living room when we were running away....why would a picture of  MY uncle will be on that crazy killers house?!"

"Well, Mary it IS weird...but you know what is more weird?"


"Look at Zayn"


"Gosh!  Zayn! Calm down! She's not going to find us"

"Well, she found me the first time"

"Mary.....not helping"


"Look, Mr Zayn....I have lived with Mandy four years and she haven't kill me"

"YET!" he said

"OH C'MON! Little Louis is just trying to cheer you up! just think in pretty things and shut up!"

"Well, someone is in a bad mood"

"Well, I just need at least a second of silence to drive....we have been running in circles for hours"

"Okay....silence people"

"See! thanks how you have to ask for it! like Mary"









"Is that.....RYAN! THAT'S RYAN!"




"Ryan! Are you okay? we have been looking for you everywhere"

"Mary? is that you?"

"Yes! C'mon we have to go!"

"My back is killing me"


"Yes sister?"

"Not you dear...the other one"


"Carry him"

"Why me?"

"Tommo, trust me...do what she says....I have experience of being around her"

"Oh c'mon Zayn....It's not soo bad"

"Mary...belive me....when I'm mad..I'm mad"



"Lauren...it's all good now, you can start the car"

"All right, here we go"


"Yes, Ryan"

"How did you escaped?"

"She wasn't there....and Lauren opened the door so we could leave"

"And how did you know where was I?"

"Actually Lauren said-"

"What Louis is trying to say is that....well...he had seen you going this way and we followed you"

"But I was lost....for hours....how didn't you call me before?"

"All right, all right....We leave the house without any idea where were you"

"And how were you going to find me?"

"Lauren said praying"

"Shut it Zayn"

"So if you didn't find me, you were just goign to leave me in the woods?"

"No Ryan is not like that s-"

"No...don't try to explain...I thought I had a sister that cared about me....and....a "friend" ?"

"Ryan don't do this....c'mon...we have to stay together in this moment"

"No just shut it...I don't want to ta-.......wait Mary where did you got that?"


"That picture"

"in the living room, when we were leaving....I took it because it is m-"

"I know this man, I can't belive it! its him!"

"Really? you know him?"

"Yes! I saw him a couple of times in the wood....I passed out a couple of hours and he helped me"

"What? HE lives in  the woods?"

"I think soo....he took me to his house to eat...we had a great talk"

"He is MY uncle"

"WHAT?.....but, he said he didn't had any family"

"Look, this is really important....are you 100% sure its him?"

"Yes I swear"

I couldn't belive it! I finally had found my uncle! after all this years, he had dissapeared because of his wife, she was insane! she tried to kill lots of people, including him...so he forced her to enter in a psychiatrist...but she run away...as soon as he heard those news he hide himself...  and no one had ever found him, until now

"Lauren! We have to go back! I NEED TO SEE HIM"

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