Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


7. More Mystery


Finally the night arrived, the killer camed with Lauren and Ryan and checked out on me, to see if I was asleep, I was just their laying on the floor, (all dirty and smelly haha) with my eyes closed waiting for her to leave, when she did I stood up and tryed to climb to the window again , but i coudn't, I lost the balance, And fall but when I was about to  touch the floor I felt someone catch me....when I turn around to see who it was I saw...Ryan

"i knew you were awake"

"Wow thank y-" before i could ended the sentence someone threw the door THE KILLER 

"YOU THOUGHT YOU WILL TRICK ME, YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE STUPID GIRL1, AND YOU..." she grab her gun and shouted him...

"NOOOO" i screamed while i cryed...I was next but when she tried someone was screaming at me "Wake up!" Wake up"

I finally open my eyes all freaked out, breathing really fast, It was Lauren...she heard me screamed while I was sleeping and came down 

"Are you okay? Don't worry it was just a bad dream" she said to me 

"it was awful! THE WORST ONE!" 

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"no, I'm fine thanks"    when she was about t leave I said

"WAIT" I not afraid to the dark but some  company will be usefull hehe"

"Don't worry, I'll stay.."  after a few minutes of silence she asked

"Hey, you had a bad dream last night to right?"

"Yeah, but this one was different"



"is that yesterday you shouted to just that I couln't come because Mandy was still awake"

"who's Mandy"

"Well, ...the killer"

"NO WAY! that's the killers name?! I'm sure their parents didn't know she was gonna be a killer!....REALLY? MANDY?"

"Yeah why?"

"Its that is not a killers name"

"And which one will be a killers name?"

"I don't know....Something evil...like -"

the phone began to rang before I could say the name....I ran to my purse and whisper "Hello?"

"Hey Babe!! are you ready? we are freaking out here we all miss you lots! you have to come back!" it was Liam

"Aww, well Liam next time you be the one that's kidnap"

"Hey hey! easy!"

"who's it" Lauren asked

"Its a friend, from school, I found this old phone and call him, please don't tell"


"Wait!...no offence but *Mandy* isn't your mother?"


"Sorry...is that you work here and she dosen't lock you in a disgusting room...and you know you don't try to scape"


"Soooo, How did you ended here?"

She inmidiatly started crying

"hey calm down, I didn't meant to hurt you...if you don't wanna talk about it then.."

"No no its okay.." she said all sad

"I haven't talk about it for a really long time soo....Well, it all started when..."

"YAYYY A STORY" liam said on the phone

"Liam! shout up!"

"Hey you don't have to be rude"

"sorry ,continue.." I said to Lauren

"It all started when my mom and my brother were going to watch a movie but when we were getting to the car SHE  show up...I still remeber how she was dressed...with a black old horrible dress...she looked like a wanderer... it was horrifing...My mom grab us and run  in the house but she didn't stay in...she ran out again, she shouted to her  "get over it" i don't know why...It was like she had know her before ...suddenly they started fighting and my mom got closer, she forgot the killer had a gun...well I guess...and then." her voice broke and started crying

"ohh Lauren don't worry, its fine, we could change the subject if you want" she raised her head and said that she had strated it and she had to finish it, suddenly we hearded someone blowing his nose while crying..we look around and then we realized it was Liam..on the phone...We laugh for a little while while he tried to defend himself saying that he had fever , that wasn't crying, but at the end he accepted it and told Lauren to continue the story

".....well, I was there, seeing by the window when it happened"

"oh I'm soo sorry" I said

"What what happened, tell me I didn't get it" Liam said all despered

"She shoot her"

We could hear Liam "ohhhhh" and threats to The killer if she does that to us, then he started crying again...after the same argument he asked

"Well, are you okay?"

"yeah, it was good taking it all out"

"So she took you all here?" I asked

"Yeah,two years ago"

"If I had only 2 days here and I'm horrified can't imagine you"

"I'm in  the phone I haven't even seen the house and i'm going to have nightmares"

After we laugh for Liam's comment we got back to reality...we have to continue our plan to scape...but suddenly we heard someone going down the stairs....WHAT TO DO?! WHAT TO DO?!

then someone opened the door......it was.....



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