Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


17. Lost


"Finally! WE ARE HERE!"

"The forest...ungly, disgusting, horrible forest....this place brings me so many awful memories" Ryan said with a sarcastic tone

"Shut up Ryan"

"Where do you want to start looking?"

"Anywhere...but I get this feeling about going this way"

"Right then?"

"Yeah..I guess...let's go"

**Louis, Zayn, Lauren and Little Lou**

"Soo..are you sure they weren't here before?"

"No Sr Tomlinson....I told you, i haven't seen your partners in about three days"

"Well...its weird..thank you anyway"


"What did you find out?...were they here?" Zayn asked

"No..the guy said they haven't seen them in the Records building in three days...just like the Nando's guys said about Niall"

"and the security said about Liam in his neighborhood" Lauren add

"You are right" Louis said

"Do you think the crazy witch got them?" Zayn asked worried

"I don't think so Zayn...what will that help her for?" Lauren answered

"What is happening guys? did you find your friends?" Little Louis said while he got closer eating his icecream

"Nop...nothing" Louis answered

"Maybe an alien trapped them!" Little Lou said

They laughed and Louis answered while he crouched

"I don't think so buddie...but I'll keep it in mind"


"Well....any other ideas of where they could be?" Louis asked while he stand up

"mmm...Well,we haven't gone to one of the girls house...maybe they know where they are" Zayn said

"Well...what are we waiting for?...everybody in the car" Louis said


"Guys! is time to go!" Eleanor shouted 

"Coming!" Liam quickly responded..suddenly he appeared in the top of the stairs..he got down and gave Danielle a kiss, then he turned around, like he was expecting someone..then he returned upstairs again..after a few minutes he appeared again but this time he could hardly move..he was pulling someone..Niall

"But i don't want to go!..its so great in here! have you taste the nuddles?!" Niall said while he tried to go back again

"Niall! We have too!" Liam keep saying

Suddenly Eleanor got a huge bag of chips of her backpack..and Niall immidatly turned around to see it..she started shown in it off 

"Can I have one?" Niall said while he quickly run downstairs

"I'll give you the whole bag if you pick your stuff and go to the car" She responded

Niall smiled and run to the car...then Liam got downstairs 

 "Thanks El" 

"It's nothing" she said

After saying goodbye they got in the car and left..

Paul was just closing the door when someone stopped it...


"Hello...dad" the girl said annoyed

**Louis,Zayn,Lauren,Little Lou**

"Do you really think Tiffany  knows?" Zayn asked

"Well...Monica wasn't home and Eleanor wasn't either" Louis asnwered

"But she is a little.....crazy" He said...whispering that last part

"HEY GUYS!" said tiffany opening the door

"AAA..He- Hey! Tiffany....how did you know we were here?" Louis said

"I saw you arrive by my window...LONG TIME NO SEE!..Wanna come in?!" She said while she pulled them in


"Soorry Zayn....It's that I'm very happy you are here...we all have been worried for you...sooo who is your friend....and this little cuttie" She said while she squeeze lou cheeks

"I'm Lauren...and he is my brother Louis"

"OH! Same names!"

"Yes...I know" Louis said

"Well....chanching the subject...have you seen the guys?...we went to look for them but we didn't find them" Zayn asked

"Yeah...and where is Eleanor?" Louis added

"Well...Liam didn't really wanted to tell me...but what I undestood was that they where going to look for you guys while I stayed here in the police until they find Mary....but then I went to Mary's house to look for something and after we talked she told me they were camping but then she started to act all suspicious and-"

"Wait!...you went to her house?!" Zayn asked

"Yeah....I needed to barrow some things"

"And she asked you about anything?" Louis asked

"Well...I asked her about where were you...but then, she acted all suspicious"

"Of course she did! Mary was susposed to be in a sleep over with you!" Zayn shouted

"No! that was a long time ago!...when you guys left!..we invented other one"

"Wheere?!" they both asked

"Well...like I said I was confused..but I heared Liam told her mom that they were going camping"

"And where they really are?" Zayn asked

"I'm not sure....they told me I was kind of a gossip girl"

"Zayn calm down....Tiff, what do you know right know...any news from the police?" Louis asked

"Well...the other day they told me they found a neckless taht belong to her..near to a strange house"

"That's it! thats where it is!" Louis shouted with excitement

"How do you know?" she ask confused

"We were kind of in there for a while...well them....I was there for a long time" Lauren said

"and why don't you tell the police where is the house?!"

"Right!...that could be a good a idea!...Tiffany! YOU FINALLY SAID A GOOD IDEA!" Zayn shouted

"Zayn! Don't be rude...Tiff...another question...where is Monica?..you haven't talked about her" Louis said

"Well...I haven't heard of her in a long time...since we had a fight"

"no idea where she is?"


"Well...let's go then" Lauren said

"You guys have lot's of friends in trouble!" Little Lou said while they all got out of the house



"what? What?! What!" He said while run closer

"LOOK! a house!" she said pointing at it 

"Does that means.....ARE WE TAKING A BREAK?! FINALYYY" He shouted with excitement

"Calm down..We are not-"

"please???!!!" Ryan said trying to make his puppy eyes

"All right...you win...but just for a couple of minutes" 



*Knoc Knoc* 

The door suddenly opened itself

"...hel- hello?...its someone home?" Ryan asked

"Hello?" Mary said too

"Oh! Welcome my friends..." a strange voice evilly said...

 "Ryan...I don't think this is such a good idea...maybe we should go" Mary whispered

"No no!...stay...their is no reason to be afraid" the voice cointinued..

Suddenly the door closed itself..we tried to open it but it was locked

"Who are you?" Ryan asked

"Shhhhhh...Ryan...who in this world will ask that" Mary whispered

"Don't worry...I'll tell him" the voice sounded closer and closer everytime...suddenly a person appeared in the balcony of the second floor...I reconize her at the minute

"MONICA?!" I shouted confused

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