Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


2. Life changes


Chapter 2 - Dreams Come True


I couln't belive it! 5 days ago I thought I wouldn't even see them live in a twitcam ever! and now they are at my house! 


I could hear her steps, coming every second closer, I didn't know how was going to be her reaction, but she finally came in and of course she shouted


she fainted just like Tiffany.. I was really shocked too, I couldn't even stand in my legs!

 they help me sat down and then calm me down

When my breathe was back the first thing that came to my head was  

"How in the world did you ended in here?"

Niall decided to answer the question and told me "we were just hanging out but a bunch of girls started following us so we start walking faster and faster till we ended running away from at least a 100 of girls!"

"So you just knocked the door of a stranger and enter without her permission to get away from a bunch of girls that love you and only want your autograph and a picture with you?"

"pretty much" said Niall with his face all blushed

"Well if you say it like that its sounds pretty horrible!" said Liam

"It's pretty horrible!" said Harry

"I told you guys, we should have gone on the car not walking! its your fault Liam" said Zayn

"Me? Harry said we should walk I just agree" said Liam 

"Well guys! guys! stop it! you can't change the past, so it dosen't matter who had the fault!"

"You're right!" said Niall

"Hey guys! were is Louis?" asked Harry

we looked all around the house and we found Louis playing with 1D dolls in my room, it was pretty funny  cause all wanted to play including Tiffany and Monica but off course they just wanted to be with 1D ......while they were playing I went down stairs, to open the door,It was Tom, I totally forgot that we used to study math every thursday at my house, but the guys told me that I couldn't tell anyone that they were at my house, so I told Tom that i couldn't study that day but when his smile dissapeard I couldn't resist,I said I was joking and ask him to come in 

"Everything is too quite in here!" said Tom "you told me you have invited Monica and Tiffany to came over,where are they?"

"mmm...up stairs! ha! yeah up stairs!" I said all confused "Putting their make up! haha you know...girls...make up...wanna be pretty? get it?"

"haha, okey" "then we will just wait here for them" 

"what?" O_O "but but why?" we caan study together and then when THEY FINISH THEY WILL COME DOWN AND STUDY WITH US!" 

"Why are you sreaming?, I'm right here haha"

"yeah ....right" I said making a sarcastic smile

****************************************IN MY ROOM*******************************+

"Monica, I just heard Mary tell us to come down"......."Monica" Monica!" "Monica?"

Tiffany started shaking Monica till she reacted....

"ins't he cute?" said Monica with a love face

"What? Zayn?" ask Tiffany 

"YES! look! he's 19 and he's playing with dolls! how adorable is that?"

"Well is kind of weird..but yeah and  have you seen Niall? he's making fun of Liam voice with the doll! and he's eating at the same time!!! how cute!!"

Tiffany and Monica were sighing at the boys while I was trying to dristact Tom and make him forget about them, at the end we never study, we talk and talk and talk about life and stuff and how dreams come true just like today when one direction got in my way.




When Tom left...I ran out to my room and found them all asleep, I had the temptation  of drawing mustaches on Tiffany and Monica's faces but then Liam got up.

"Hey" I said softly  "Hey" he told me 

"Can't sleep?" 

"No,I just have this feeling of excitment and happiness that keeps me hyper!"

"Oh! well, I never heard that one before"

"I'm kidding" he said laughing....

There was a awkward silence for a moment till Liam said

"mm, you never told me your name?"

"right, I'm Mary"

"I'm Lia..."    "Liam I know your name....In case you haven't notice your famous, have of the world know's it"

"Oh! well...okey"

Liam and I talk for hours it was really fun he's really sweet...at 5am we ended watching Toy Story till sunrise! I thought something was begging between us, he hug me and we couldn't stop laughing, he tickled me some times and then I tickled him it was really fun.....in the next couple of days we all hang out,the boys,the band and my friends.. we become really close, Tiffany ended saying that Nandos was her new favorite restaurant!

Things didn't change at school till one day that when I walk in with Monica and everybody started like talking to us, being friendly EVEN MELANIE!....now that was weird! 

Then I saw Tiffany coming and ask her what was going on?

"You didn't heard the news??"

"What news?" Monica and I said at the same time

"1D! they wrote about us on their web page! and published the photo we take all together"

"But Tiffany, that can't be, Harry and Zayn told me they couldn't do that!" said Monica

"Well they did!"

"Girls!" I said,"something is wrong" "wanna call them?"

some ramdom girls stand behind me and tried to steal my telephone to get 1D phones but I took it back and run away with Mon and Tiff!


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