Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


9. Kidnaped again!


Tiffanys P.O.V

"Girls! GIRLS! COME HERE! ITS URGENT!" shouted Danielle 

"WHAT!" Shouted Mon back, with all her hair messed up because she had just wake up

"I want to sleep just a little more! please i said, but nooo, Danielle has to wake me up" I said   to myself while I was walking down the stairs, C'MON! IT WAS 6 AM!! and we sleep very late last night! I had my rights to be mad don't you think?...at the end I went to the kitchen, where Danielle was and saw Liam beside her. Liam was saying sorry to Danielle...what could it be?...and why do we have to be involved?

"Whats wrong Dani?" I said

"Liam tell her!" Danielle said angrily

"Well, its that..." Liam starting saying

"Wait!" Danielle stopped him "Where's mon?" she asked

"Right here!" she answered..she had fall into the couch while she was coming to the kitchen, she had never wake up so early in the morning

"Well, come! NOW! its important!" Danielle said to her

What could be so important that couldn't wait a couple of hours...I started to get worried

"Dan you are scaring me whats wrong!?"

Danielle hit Liam and he started saying again

"Well, its that.....Mar-"

"MARY WAS KIDDNAPPED!" Danielle shouted before Liam couln't finish the first sentence

"WHAT!" I screamed...Mon came runing to the kitchen and asked the same thing, then she added

"But how do you know?"

"Yeah, Liam, how?"  i said


"HE FIND THE WAY TO CONTACT HER!" Interrupted Danielle again



"just be quiet! we need to doo something" Monica said to him

" WHY IN THE WORLD SHE STILLS THERE! WE NEED TO CALL THE POLICE!" i shouted, running to the home phone

Monica ran faster than me and grab the phone first

"NOO!" she shouted

"What! WE NEED TO CALL THE POLICE!" i screamed

"It ins't working"

"you haven't try it!" i said to her

" oh! right...." she said while she putt the phone into her ear and continued quickly "....nop, I was right , it ins't working" 

"What are we gonna do know!" i said

"i al ready called the police a few days ago...they are looking for her" Liam said


"Calm down! don't worry! we'll find her!" Liam said trying to calm her down...Danielle walk foward me and gave me a hug....in a matter of seconds I was crying seas! she was also crying...FOR GOD SAKES! THEY HAD KIDDNAPPED ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!

"We'll find her" Liam repeated

"Find who?" someone on the door asked

IT WAS HARRY! he had come with Niall to pick up Liam ...we had forgot

"Find who?" he repeated "Guys you can tell me anything!" he added, with his sweet inocent voice

"A princess! in the new video game we bought!" Liam said...Danielle turned around and looked at him more angry that before

"So  thats why Tiffany is crying?" he said all confused...Liam and Niall exchanged signals, discusing if they should tell him or not but at the end Liam told him

"No, I can't do this anymore" Liam said putting his face down

"What's wrong" Harry said while he walked in and throw himself on the couch, eating some cheetos

"Well, Its hard to say but..."

"What? Dude you are getting pail, its everything all right?" Harry said 

Liam raised his head, with his eyes full of tears

"Wow! what happened!" Harry said nervous

"Mary...Mary..was" Liam tryed to speak but his voice broke

"Mary was kiddnapped" Monica said sadly

Harry didn't say anything, he was just sitting there, paused, he won't move, the his eyes full of tears just like all the others and covered his face with his hands...Niall came foward and sat beside him, he tried to calm him down....

"Don't worry,Harry, she will be al right...you'll get your chance"

I clean my face and went foward to Liam

"Liam..whats that about?" I asked him

"What?" he said cleaning his tears off

"The HARRY thing....Harry is telling him that he would get a chance, whats that all about?" 

"Really?, I just told you a friend was kiddnapped and you want to know gossips?" He said

"No no its that, i have never seen Harry that sad"

"Well, he really liked he--" he didn't finished his sentence when he realized that he had all ready told me the secret HARRY STYLES LIKED MARY!!!

"As a friend" he finished

"You don't know how to lie, you know?" i said to him

"All right, he never speaks with her that much because he is a little shy, he is not always that flirting guy that wins all the girls you know?" he said to me


"Shhhh!" he said "now we have to focuse on fiding her because apparently police is not duing a very good work.."..."Ready for an adventure?" he ask me

"Ready!" I answered while we did a HI-5

"GUYS!" i called every one "Lets get operation find Mary STARTED!"

we put our hands all together except Danielle

"Guys haven't you forget something?" she said

"Noo" we all said


"oh! yeah that!" Niall said

"Will, figure that out later! now we have to look for her!" I said

"What about we trace by her phone" Monica suggested

"I all ready tried" Liam said

"anddd" we all said

"I couldn't find her"  liam finished

"Wait here" Danielle said...while she ran up stairs...after a couple of minutes she came down with a blackboard

"Now! Ideas!" Danielle said she said while she uncovered the marker


Mary's P.O.V

"GUYS!" i shouted while I ran toward them

"Hey little mary!" Zayn said

I hug the so hard both and kiss them on the cheakes

"How are you doing?" said Louis (Tomlinson)

"We'll lets see, in the past 5 days I have been traped in a very disgusting house in the middle of the woods with a killer next door.....soo great" I said sarcastically while i did a false smile, they laughed

"Well, lets get you out of here!" they both said, we ran out of the room to the door where it was the car parked....HOW AMAZING WAS THAT! MY FRIENDS HAD FOUND ME! FINNALLY! BUT HOW?!...WELL! IT DIDN'T MATTER BECAUSE I 'M FINALLY GOING HO-

"Guys Wait!" I said

"Whats wrong" Lou asked

"Yeah, but tell quick, I wanna get as far as i can from this house"

"mm..there are some friends in this house I want to take with me" i said

"WHAT!" they both answered "Their's more people in there!!!" Zayn asked

"Yeah" I said while i got out of the car...and ran into the horrible house again

"she most liked them A LOT! to come in there again" Zayn said

"Yeah" Lou said while he take his seatbelt off

"What are you doing!!" Zayn shouted

"I can't leave her i there alone!"..."C'mon man! don't be such a girl" said Lou while he ran inside

"Yes, of course, we have to rescue the girl, we have to do the police job, we have to get in a killers house" Zayn said to himself "LETS JUST KILL OURSELFS! THAT WOULD BE EASIER" he added

He got out the car, but when he was about to get in, he heard a voice laughing...it was terrifying...he hided on the bushes next to the door...then he saw a women lean out the door very quickly and close it...he ran into the window that was more near him and watched.....

A horrible women was hitting Mary...punishing her fro trying to scape...then he grab both and throw them into a little tiny room (the same were was Mary before), first he freak out, the he calm down and tried to look a window  from the room Lou and Mary where in.........he went to the back of the house and found a tiny window on the top of the house..."I need to get there but how?" he asked himself while he looked for something that could help him till he found a stair...he ran into it and grab it 

"Hey!" someone said

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" they both screamed at the same time

"WHO ARE YOU?!" the girl asked (it was Lauren) 

"PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I BEG YOU! I'M TO YOUNG TO DIE! PLEASE!" Zayn said while he was on his knees

She laughed a little and said "calm down! they are gonna hear us!!...I'm not gonna hurt you"

"You're not?" Zayn said opening one eye

"Noo" she said again laughing while she helped him stand up

"Oh well, it was a test you know...I'm not really that coward"

"Yeah aja" she said laughing again "I'm Lauren" she added

"I'm Zayn" he said smiling..


"I'm sooo sorry!!" Mary apologized for the 50th time

"I al ready told you...its fine...I always wanted an adveture" Lou said

"But know you're here stuck with me, in the worst place ever!...when we were about to go away" Mary said

"Don't worry, it can't be that horrible...plus Zayn stills out there right?"

"Yeah" I said sadly

"We're safe, don't worry, he's gonna get us out of here" lou said



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