Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


5. Just save me!


"Sooo,Mary is staying with you guys in Danielle's house till Sunday?" Grace (Mary's mom) asked to Eleanor

"Yes, That's the plan" she said nervously 

They all have been worried about Mary, but first they had to covered her so then they could find out what the heck she was doing..

"and she has her close,make up and all things she needs?"

"Yeah, don't worry....and if she forgets something we will borrow it to her"

"Well...in that case...yes she can go"

"YES!" all shouted

"But where is she anyway..?"

The girls exchanged looks, Tiffany was more nervous that the others, she was eating her nails when Danielle said

"She's in the house, my house, just unpacking her stuff"

"But I didn't gave her permission till now...how did she know?"

Danielle didn't know what to answer so Eleanor step foward and said

"We...We ju-just called her...yes...right know..didn't you saw us?"


"Oh..weell we have to go, my mom is waiting for us at home" said Danielle

They all walk out Mary's house thinking it was all okay but the only question that was in their minds was...."WHERE IS SHE?"


"YES! I WON AGAIN!" shouted Lauren

"it dosen't matter, its just and stupid game" said Mary... crossing her arms

"Okay...now do what you promise" Lauren said all slowly

"All right! here its the remote control" she take it out from the bottom of the couch but when Lauren was about to get it she started runing up stairs and Lauren chaised her, they run all over the house while Lauren was screaming at her that she was a cheater and laughing....they were just having fun...but when Mary ran down stairs again and Lauren reach her someone strongly opened the front door.....IT WAS HER! THE KILLER!...Everything just went down,and dissapeared, Mary's face went white as snow , looking directly at her, She had never feel so scared, she droped the remote to the floor...Lauren released her and went to the kitchen but suddenly she said

"NO NO NO, Come back here you idiot! Don't think I didn't see you there!, YOU WERE PLAYING JUH?! Well I hope you had a good time because you won't be smiling for a long while you hear me!" she  said while she was getting closer to Lauren...she grab her arm and take her to the kitchen


"Hey,Stop!" Mary screamed...Oh no! what had she done! she had just stop the scariest women on earth to stop! She had put in dangerr her life, mayb thins crazy women will kill her right know!

"What did you say?" the women said while she was turning around with her evil face, Lauren looked at me all worried, she was making signals, telling her to shout up, but Mary was terrified, she couldn't move! she was looking directly on the eyes that horrible women that was approching to her, she just started to feel cold, and her heart started to beat faster than ever!

"No-no-thing.." Mary tried to avoid problems, but it didn't work so well like she hope to

The women grab her arm  and take her to the kitchen with Lauren, but when she was leaving she saw us suspire and she turn around again and grab her again, this time she took her to a little room, must say disgusting room, and throw Mary there...she locked the door and left, Mary grab her legs and started crying again...in there her only company was spiders, she missed soo much her friends! 

But wait! didn't she had an emergency phone that when her mother took away hers she'll use that one? She started looking for it...Yes their it was!...the oldest phone ever! but I could text and called so it worked for something..

She stood up and started looking for reception but no not even a little...She throw the phone away and sat in the floor...she started crying again...What was going to happen with her life now?..she was going to life there?

then the phone suddenly started to rang..

"What the?" she went near the phone and took it..."Hello?...OMG! I CAN'T BELIVE IT! THANK GOD! ITS YOU!

************************************The gang************************************

"Girls!" said Tiffany... "we had to do something!"

"About what?" said Monica while see was taking her make up off

"About Mary!!" shouted Tiffany

"Yes, you are right, but what?, we don't know were she is and why?" said Perrie

"And we are not detectives you know?"said Danielle supporting Perrie

"Yes but We are friends and we know her...she wouldn't dissapear this way with out telling us anything" said Tiffany, the girls started to agrre with tiffany till Monica said

"But what if she is in a romantic trip and we found her and ruin everything?"

"Oh Gosh! thats ridiculus!" said Eleanor

"Yes, now girls, c'mon we have to find her, we have three days, c'mon it would be like an adventure and if you want we can ask the guys for help, it would be like an detective movie" said Tiffany trying to inspire the other girls, Monica saw all this like a joke but the others really like to do it

"So who is with me?!" shouted Tiffany

They all put her hands together except Monica 

"C'mon girls!, I'm starting to think you are nuts" said Monica

"Mon, if you join us, we will help you in enything you want for 2 days!" proposed Danielle

"A week or nothing" said Monica

"DEAL" they all said, Monica put her hand in the group and they all said "LETS DO THIS"

Tiffany put the Impossible Mission movie theme and they all started piccking detective close before going out to investigate


"Poor, Mary, her second day and she is alredy in the pain room" said Lauren

"Well, she most she bad because she broke the record haha" said Ryan while he was writing something in his book

"Ryan!" said Lauren pushing him while taking away  his book "What's this!?"

"Nothing, just give me back my book"

"No no no, interesting stuff here, is this your diary?" she said laughing while she was reading, Ryan was trying to take it away but Lauren always took it back

"Its not a diary!, its just a book, I already told you!, know give it back!" said Ryan

"Ryan diary? I WANNA SEE I WANNA SEE!" said Louis, Lauren laughed and show it to him

"uuuuu, you like a girl!" both Lauren and Louis said

"No I don't that was long time ago! now please give it back!" shouted Ryan

Lauren was still reading when a hand  with long, disgusting nails took it, IT WAS THE KILLER!

"I'll be keeping this for a while" said the woman with her terrifying voice and walk away

"thanks alot Lauren!" said Ryan  and when Lauren was about to respond she heared ....a scream!....it was Mary!


So guys what do you think that happened to her?

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