Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


19. It's a long story



"Mary?!...OH THANK GOD!  IT'S YOU" she shouted while she run down stairs

"Wait....you know each other?!" Ryan shouted confused

"yeah...but Mon, what are you doing in here? you almost gave me a heart attack when I first heard that voice!"

"Sorry...well..it supposed to do that, if someone gets in, and hears it, will think its hunted and run away...and it fun to see them do that"

"that sooo mean!" Ryan said

"Well, yeah but-"

"Mon...What - are -you -  doing - here?" 

"You don't seem very happy to see me"

"I am...just that it seems weird"

"I was looking for youuu fellow!.....and i found  you!" monica said while she gave Mary a hug

"Well, thanks but..mmm...it's hard to say"

"What? What's wrong?"

"Mary was found by her to friends Zayn and Louis..and they took her home but she returned" Ryan quickly said

"What?...are you serious?, why did you returned?" Monica asked confused

Mary didn't answer..she didn't know if to trust her or not..it was very important stuff..and it had been a long time

"Mary, I'm your best friend...you can tell me anything"

After a couple of minutes she finally reacted


Ryan immidatly got up of the floor and grab Mary's arm.."Can you give us a moment?" he asked Monica


Ryan took Mary to the other side of the room

"What are you doing?" She asked mad

"What do you think YOU are doing?!"


"You can't tell someone you haven't seen in weeks , such a gigantic secret"

"It's not such a big secret, all the guys know..why can't she know too?...she is right..she is my best friend"

"But it's weird..I get no good feeling about her"

"Shut up...its my friend and my problem..know excuse me" Mary said while she walk toward Monica

"Look...Mon...I'm going to tell you but you have to promse me you won't tell anybody"

"who am I supposed to tell?...I'm in the middle of the forest in a creepy house" she said laughing

Ryan stayed in the other side of the room looking at them talking..he didn't agree to tell her..it was to suspicious, she being there, in that house, just when he arrived...also because, that house seem familiar..like he had been there before..he couldn't really remember, bu he was clear that Mary shouldn't be telling her...that.."Monica"



After about ten minutes the girls finished talking and camed close to Ryan...

"Ryan, It's time to go" Mary said 

"Where exactly?" he asked

 "Well...It turns out that monica saw a house near here that might be my uncle's!" she said excited

Monica smiled while she looked at Mary...but it seemed an evil smile..Ryan looked at her all suspicious..and then he got up...the girls quickly run to the door talking..

Ryan stayed there..he didn't want to go with that Monica, He wasn't afraid..just that he felt that was just trouble..but he conviced himself to go to protect Mary...

When he was walking near the door..he heard a glass broking...he turned around and at the couner of the house their was a shadow of something moving...like it was trapped..then he quickly run outside and close the door

"Guys wait for me!" He shouted while he run near the girls


 **Zayn,Louis,Lauren,Little Lou,Tiffany**

"Oh Tiffany!...what brings you here...to the police station...again" The police officer said

"They called me saying the had a neckless from Mary...can we see it?" She said

"Of course....come in"

"Thank you sir" Louis said

"Wait here for a moment"

After a few minutes of waiting.. another officer entered

"Are you the friends of- Tiffany?!...again?"

 "It seems like you have been here lot's of times" Zayn said looking at her

"Hey Fabio!...can we come in to see the neckless?" She asked

"Sure...but don't touch anything okay?...just look at it and say if it was hers or not"

"Okay" They all responded


The officer lead us to a huge room, full of table with experiments..it seemed like a lab, everybody was using a lab coat, with google glasses

The officer keep walking until the end of the room...there he introduce us to Doctor Ramoray

 "Kids..this is Doctor Ramoray..he is the responsable of the neckless in here..I'll let you talk to him for a while..rememeber, don't touch anything" He said while he left

"That guy treat us like 5 years old...we are not that immature!" Louis said

"Yes..I know!"

"HEY!" Little Lou protested " I'm more mature than you two!"

"Sorry.." they both said

"Well...here is the neckless..it seems familiar to you?" He asked while he show us the neckless

It was long and a little damaged, it had diffrent colors and it had a pedant in a shape of an M

"I haven't seen it before" Louis immidiatly said

"Me neither" Zayn said

"It not her style I think" Tiffany added

After a couple of minutes of silence...Lauren decided to look at it

"I remember to saw it before...but..I don't think it's Mary's" Lauren said worried

"What do you mean?" Zayn asked

"It's the killer's!" Little Lou said

"Excuse me...what killer?" The doctor asked

"Yeah what killer?"  Tiffany asked too

"It's a long story" Lauren said

"It can't be" Louis said

"Yes it is...don't you remember...when she catch you?...the neckless must fell when she throw you inside" Lauren said

"Yes...I remember seeing something fall" Zayn exclamated

"The police has to use this to find her!" Louis shouted to the Doctor

"We tried...but it dosen't has fingerprints" The doctor said confused

"You have to try again...that woman it a nightmare! She has to be catch!" Zayn said

"I'm confused...what are you all talking about?" Tiffany said

"We'll explain you later" Louis said

"Kids...I mean guys..you need to tell the police all you know about this woman" The doctor said "C'mon follow me" he added




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