Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


3. 1D Fun


Tiffany and me went to the mall, every single store had a poster of the concert of 1D, it was incredible that a few weeks ago, we'll just scream like freaks, but now I knew them, I felt kind of famous...

*Tiffany's Phone ringing* 

"Hello?" "oh hey Niall!"

Tiffany and Niall become really close, they were like best friends maybe more, it was funny because sometimes she pretended to have a Irish accent and it didn't sound very well...

"Mary, Niall is inviting us for dinner with the boys, do you want to go?"




When we where ready, Tom called he was inviting me to go to dinner to! I felt guilty and sad when I had to say no and lie to him saying that I had a family meeting...cause I really like him! he was supposed to be my crush! 

***********************************ON THE RESTAURANT*********************************

"Wow! this place is really nice and elegant" said Monica

"It most be really expensive" Tiffany said whispering me 

"Well your table is ready, please follow me" said Liam pretending to be a waittress, it was funny!

Everyone had a partner, Liam with Danielle, Louis was with Eleanor,Niall was with Tiffany,Zayn with Perrie, and Monica and Harry together cause they didn't have a couple...

I got to the restaurant late but I had chance to order food to I didn't miss pretty much anything, I sat beside Josh and Harry, we had a great time, we talk about quotes,funny moments,awkward moments and lots of more that made have a great time




The next day, I called Tom and he wouldn't answer, I leave him message and text him but nothing, then I called Monica she accidently told me that she had spoken with Tom 

"But Mon, why won't he talk to me?" "Have I done anything wrong?"

"I don't know Mary" "Why won't you ask him at school?"

"I'll try, thanks Mon!"




********************************AT SCHOOL ***********************************

Tom walks in 

"Tom! Tom"

When he saw me calling him he grab his notebook and covered his face..he asked another girl to take his sit beside me..he wouldn't talk to me..he ignore me all school....I didn't know what I did wrong?


I Ran out of class and went to Toms locker, I wait for him to come, when he  did he turn around, I ran to him and grad him...

"Get off me"

"Tom? what did I do?" "we are supposed to be best friends! and suddenly you start ignoring me?! c'mon be a man and tell your problem in my face!"

"well...mm...its that.."

"its that what?"

"The photo"

"what photo?"

"The photo!! of you and Josh! that night! you went out with all the boys of One direction!"

"what? are you jelous?"

"NO! I'm just mad! you didn't tell anything about it!, plus you lied to me!" "you said you had a family meeting not that you were going to party with some famous guys"

"But they told me not to say anything"

"OMG please! they published a story on their web side!..and they wanted to keep it a secret? i don't think so!"

"Well I'm ..I'm..so.."

I couldn't talk...I never saw  Tom so mad, we never fight, this was the first fight since 1th grade!! it was weird!

"Tom, take it easy!" said Tiffany

"What are you talking about you lie to me to!"

"Well yeah but.."


"C'mon Tom it can't be that! we're sorry okey, we didn't knew that they were gonna publish that just that they told us not to say anything!! so shut up! you have lie to us to!" said Monica

"What lie? monica What are you talking about?!"

"She dosen't know remember!" whispered Tiffany to Monica

"What! what! tell me!"

"Don't! Mon! please! she's not ready!" beg Tom

"yes! Mon tell me!"

"Well, like 3 month ago Tom...."

"Tom what?"

"He used to date Melanie...he lie to us about it because he new you hate her"


"I'm sorry! in that time I didn't knew that she bother  you....I broke up with her as soon as I could!"

"But why didn't you tell me?"

"Mon already told you I new you hate her, but I liked her....PAST, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN! okey? are we good?"



"okey...we are good!"

I know he lie to me, and that was bad, and it hurt off course, but that what I liked about this friend ship that we always finished good, like nothing happened




**************************ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TIME *********************************+

I got tickets on the first road, next to Tiff,Mon,Danielle,Eleanor and Perrie, we couldn't enjoy it more! they dedicated some songs to us, and in "Everything about you" they put us on stage  and sang to us face to face! it was incredible! I LOVED IT! and cause it was 13th of September (Nialls birthday) we made him a cake and sang happy birthday to him on stage!....oh! and Niall got soo excited that he gave Tiffany a kiss! yes! a kiss!....but we all knew that those two have some thing between them!At the end Niall said that its was the best birthday ever! and "TOLD YOU I WOULD DATE A FAN!" and the croud laugh


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