Power Of Music

Mary...A regular girl that dreams with all her heart to meet ONE DIRECTION, one day that dream comes true! but in a very strange and unexpected way...find out the drama, romance and comedy that happens after that in this story NOW!


1. A dream come true


The power of music

Chapter 1


It was six in the morning, the alarm was ringing, it was a war between the duty of going to school against my strong desire to get at least a little more sleep, I grabbed my pillow with all my strength and got up ...

Hated to go to school so much, that every morning I pretended to have a different disease  to not go, but it almost never work and when it  did, the doctor always betrayed me ... I was just grabbing the hair dryer to fake a fever when I listen to my mother

"Mary!, Come on the bus is coming! Leave the hair dryer down and come here, you have to eat!"

"I'm coming mom"

 The bus horn was sounding, I ran to the kitchen,I gave the toast a little bite and went out side...

Nothing got better because when I got in the bus I saw her,I felt the blood through my body from the anger I had....  that was the girl who made all my days miserable,That told everybody a lie to make me look bad and made everybody hate me...

"Mary! Oh hello dear! you seen very hot...well don't worry, take this"  

she threw her orange juice all over me,I did't know what to do..I couln't cry because that'll would show weekness and I couldn´t insult her because everybody would be at her side and defend her... so I just only sat down...I couldn't belive how such a sweet person in middle school ended being such a cruel one! she used to be my best friend! what happened to her?!

All tipe of questions came to my head, I was just sitting there, alone, wishing that the day was over, but I obviously couln't do that so I only tell myself.....

"This day can't be worst"

I changed my close and enter to the first class "World History" It was my favorite class because of  three reasons: 1.I love history 2.It was my favorite teacher and 3.It was the only class I shared sits with my crush....Tom

He is so sweet and smart, he is the only reason I stayed in that school after the the day everything turned bad ...oh! and of course my friends!.....

"Hey Mary! how you feeling?"

"Not so good"

"Oh! Oh! let me guess...It was Melanie right? ....what happened now?"

"Hey! she started!! she is just an idiot, I hate her!, how in the world can a person be that cru.."

He covered my mouth with his hand and told me..."Mary!, calm down! just tell me what happened" "I'm gonna take my hand off if you promise me not to sream like freak and strat insulting her! hmm?"

I moved my head up and down very quickly and Tom slowly took his hand off

"now tell me what happened"

"She threw her orange juice all over me!"

"WHAT! are you kidding me??!! oh my god! she is cruel! well, but remember you just had to ignore her...make her feel like shes useless and like she's talking to a mirror!"

"hahaha" I smiled

"Finally a beautiful smile from my little friend Mary! yayyyy"

"Tom and Mary" said the teacher " Would you stop talking just for a second and pay attention"

Tom and I laugh and wait till the hour was over.....




Everyone grab their bags and got out the classroom

I went to my locker again to grab my next class books when I heard in back


I inmediately knew who was it... I turn around with a smile and she fell over me

"Sorry Maryy! just that i have very very very VERY VERY VERY VER..."

"Okey I get it hahaha whats the big news?

"One Direction!!! there coming here!!!"

"WHAT?! Tiffany this is not a topic to joke for...are they really coming"


"OMG" we start jumping and sreaming like freaks in the middle of the hallway, everybody looked at us like we were crazy...it was kind of fun in that moment because One Direction was coming EVERY THING WAS BEAUTIFUL! no one could make me sad in that moment.

When the day was over Tiffany came to my house  to make a sleep over, all my room was full of 1D posters, I knew everything about them, they were the most perfect persons in this world for me but I knew I'll never meet them and that made me sad....after stalking 1D for hours while we were eating we fell asleep..

The next day it was Saturday, we went really early to a store around the corner to buy any 1D ticket they had, because we didn't care, only hearing their music and unless see them  from the latest sit in the theater would be a dream come true...

"Good morning Sir, is it here were you sell 1D tickets for September 13th concert?"

"Yes, well it was because we are sold out"

"WHAT? Sir we were he since 6am and you are telling me their sold out?"

"Yes!, we are sold out since Tuesday"

we were about to cry infront of that guy, it was horrible!, for me it was worst that the Melanie thing! but we couldn't do anything about it  so we went home, that whole ilusion of see them, hear them,meet them was over, all my world was gray....

It was only one week left the concert, I had heard on the tv that they were coming that day  to have time to see the city and all but I couldn't get to airport on time to see them it was like I had a curse , Tiffany couldn't make it either and Monica  (my other best friend) didn't even try cause she knew she wouldn't make it,but worst thing was that Melanie send everybody a photo of her with the boys on airport.....I was devastated, is thi was a signal or something? Why her?...I called Tiffany and  Monica and invited them to come over, we stayed in my room talking of girl stuff when suddenly..

"DING DONG" "TUN TUN TUN" *door knocked*"DING DONG" 

It was weird I wasn't expecting anyone... but I went down and open the door....there were like ten people in black coats that run in and shout "We'll explain you later!" "sorry" 

I didn't know if scream,kick them out or hide...but I decided to close the door and follow them, I called Tiffany and Monica, they didn't have any idea of what was going on, so they went...I walked in the kitchen, where 3 of the men where, and I started telling the to get out! and leave my food in my kitchen!...they where more scared of me that I of them so I had a little advantage there; They took their hood off and told me

"do not sream" 


"It wasen't me" I told him, and suddenly someone more enter to the kitchen with Tiffany fainted in his arms, I thought she was dead and that they were gonna kill me so I took a stick  and start  hitting him...he just said "stop stop" "she is just faint" then I look at him in the eyes and realized IT WAS HARRY STYLES!




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