Untied Shoes.

After a tragedy happens to a young girl's parents, Amy, sixteen years old, goes to live with her Aunt in Florida. Police all over the world have been searching for the murderer(s) but not enough clues were found. Years later, Colleen Hills comes knocking on Amy's door. The detective of "The Lindsay Presti Case". Colleen seems to find some comparison in the two cases, but will Amy let her help?


1. The day before


"Have you seen my dress? Oh my god, I am going to look so cute! Especially with Tommy's arm around mine, it's going to be perfect"! 

I heard girls chatting about tomorrow night like it was the last night of their lives.

"Amy"! I heard Megan calling me from her locker. I walked over to her. "Hey, mind holding this really quick"? She handed me her Chemistry book as she got her other text books out. "Megan, next week is our last week of school and you still haven't cleaned out your locker"? I tossed her book out in the garbage. 

"No. I've been busy getting ready for tomorrow night". "Why? It's just like any other night. Prom isn't a big deal". Megan stared at me like I just dissed Justin Bieber. "Amy, prom is huge! And you're just mad that Jason didn't ask you yet". "No I'm not mad that Jason didn't ask me". 

Jason is my long term boyfriend. 3 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.

She looked at me until I told her the truth. "Fine maybe I am mad, but my thoughts on prom still isn't changing". I crossed my arms. "Doesn't matter to me, you're going anyways". "Megan why would I go if I don't have a date"? "Prom isn't about having a date Amy. Anyways, I know a couple guys that are dying to ask you to go". "Really, like who"? I asked her grabbing a hold of her arms, begging her to tell me.

"Well I know that Cody is drooling over you". Cody is the school's con man. "No thanks, I rather sit home alone and watch the Notebook a hundred and one times. Wait, that is what I'm doing on Friday night". I walked over to my locker. "Amy you're going to prom so suck it up. Meet me at my house after school and we'll go dress shopping". 

I rolled my eyes and went to Science. I took a seat in the back, I never liked to be bothered or social with the other kids. I always felt that they didn't want to be around me. Anyways I had the best seat in the class. I sit right behind Trevor. The quarter back of the high school football team. ALL the girls are crushing on him. But he's taken by Heather Mahoney. Head cheerleader, perfect blonde hair, tanned skin. All something I'm not.

Trevor took a seat in front of me. My heart was racing. He turned around and looked at me. "Hey, want to be partners for the project"? 

Was Trevor Leister talking to me? I had butterflies filled in my stomach. My mouth opened but no words came out. "So I take that as a yes"? He chuckled. I nodded and finally said something. "Uh, yeah. Definitely". "Good, come to my house after school and we'll get started". He said writing down his number. 

"Oh wait, I can't. I'm going dress shopping after school". I quickly said, remembering that I made plans with Megan. "You're going to Prom"? He questioned, looking back at me. "Yeah, it's not really a big deal to me but Megan insisted I had to go". "Oh, well whoever if taking you must be really lucky". "I'm going alone". "I thought you were dating Jason"? "That's what I thought too, but he still hasn't asked me, so.."..

"Well since you have no date, maybe you would like to go with me"? 

Did Trevor just ask me to Prom? I nodded. 

"Hey Amy"? "Yes Trevor"? "Kiss me". I leaned forward and kissed him, but his lips felt hard as a rock. They tasted like metal?

"Amy.. Amy. Amy"! I opened my eyes and saw that I was making out with my locker. Everyone was staring, laughing at me. "Oh, I... uhm, I-". "Whatever, just be at my house after school". I grabbed my books and looked behind me to see Trevor who was laughing his ass off. "She is so weird". He whispered to Heather. I slammed my locker and walked off. 



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