Untied Shoes.

After a tragedy happens to a young girl's parents, Amy, sixteen years old, goes to live with her Aunt in Florida. Police all over the world have been searching for the murderer(s) but not enough clues were found. Years later, Colleen Hills comes knocking on Amy's door. The detective of "The Lindsay Presti Case". Colleen seems to find some comparison in the two cases, but will Amy let her help?


2. Just one big happy family

"How about this one"? Megan suggested, holding up a blue long dress. I looked at the disgusting dress. It has ruffles on the bottom, and a bow in the middle. "It looks like something my mom would make me wear". I said touching the fabric. Megan laughed and put the dress back. We kept looking for the perfect dress, but nothing was to be found. "Megan, I give up. This is one of the reasons why I-, wait what's that"? She picked up a red long dress. It has glitter going across the top. It was beautiful. "Megan that's perfect"! I grabbed the dress and ran up to the cash register. The total was $124.03

"So much for perfect". "Here". Megan handed the lady her credit card. "Megan"! "Amy come on, it's-" "I know, it's prom. Megan smiled at me and I hugged her. "You're an amazing friend". "I know". She said cocky and grabbing the bag. She handed it to me and we headed to the food court.

"I still can't believe Jason hasn't asked you". Megan said slurping her drink. I shrugged. I heard my phone ring. "Hello? At the mall with Megan... Oh fuck, yeah I'll be there". I hung up and grabbed my bags. "Who was it"? "Max. I have to go get him at Soccer practice". "Fuck, you better hurry. It's pouring". 

I got into my car and drove to the field. I saw Max sitting on the bench. I rolled down my window. "Max"! He didn't hear me so I beeped the horn. He looked over at me and ran into the car. "Be careful, I just got my car cleaned. I don't need mud everywhere". I said wiping the seats with the a towel that I always kept in my car. 

"How come mom didn't get you"? I asked him rolling up the window. He shrugged. "What a fucking bitch".. I said underneath my breath. "Ya hungry"? He nodded. I drove up to McDonalds and ordered some food. We were sitting in the car in the parking lot. 

"She probably just forgot, I'm sure she didn't mean it". "You always say that. You said that about my soccer game, my open house for school, my science fair, my kindergarten graduation". Max put his burger down. Our mom wasn't the best mom but she did love us. I sighed and drove home. Dad was always here for us. But he goes on a lot of business trips, so we barely see him.

"Run"! I said laughing, running to the door with Max while it poured on us. "I beat you"! Max said touching the door knob. I put the key in the hole, but I heard yelling. "You son of a bitch"! Mom.. I rolled my eyes and walked in the house. Dad threw a glass vase to the wall and it shattered everywhere. Max looked at him terrified. "Max, go up to my room". I whispered. I made sure Max got up there. I threw my bags down and looked at both of my parents.

"What the hell is going on"? I asked pissed off. Both of them didn't bother looking at me. My dad just grabbed his coat and walked out the door. Leaving my mom in the kitchen. She sat down and covered her face with her hands. "Mom what the fuck"? "Amy, please. All I need is for you to start more trouble". I rolled my eyes. "Look, your father and I are in a bad position. With all the bills, me losing my job, it's just very stressing". I nodded. "What time is it"? She asked looking over at the stove clock. "Oh my god, it's six o' clock. Max"! "Mom, he's fine. I got him. He's upstairs now". "Sweetie, I-I", "Mom, just go rest. You look tired". 


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