4. what's best is to leave it!


Louis kept on having flashbacks. All he could remember was their first date in the park. She had on light denim shorts, a cute pair of black sandals and an off white three quarter length blouse. He had on a typical white and navy stripe top with baby pink shorts and a pair of navy toms. They always went to the local park, they had loads of fun. He can remember that he had never laughed so much in his life over such silly little things. He then put his right arm around her skinny waste.   

The next week Louis had decided, with some help of harry, to let Eleanor explain why she cheated on him.

That day came so fast Louis didn’t know what to say or do. He asked Zayn to come with him, as he couldn’t drive and he wanted someone to help him calm down, if he got angry.

Zayn kept quite whilst Louis and Eleanor talked. Zayn only had to step in once. This was due to Louis nearly slapping Eleanor’s natural looking cheeks.  

Zayn decided that it would be better if they left it for a little longer. Eleanor was left sniffling.  The next day the boy’s had a meeting with their management. Louis tried to hide the fact that he had been heartbroken by the only girl he has loved.

The management team had known the boys for two years and knew that Louis wasn’t himself. Louis was normally a happy bubbly character and could make any situation funny. 

Simon said in a caring voice to Louis “Louis, I think you need a break. Why don’t sort it out the problem you have. It’s not fair on you and the boys and I don’t like seeing you like the way you are.”


Louis decided to go to Porta Ven Tura, with his cousin, just to get away from the whole situation. 

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