5. Lover's Paradise


Whilst Louis and his cousin were on holiday, he had decided to set a date, just him and Eleanor to sort it out for a last time.

Louis rang Eleanor and said” we need to sort this out. It’s not fair on me and you. I haven’t been myself since this happened. We do have to sort it out. There will always be a place for you in my heart, I love you and will always love you but I don’t know if we could be like we were before this whole thing happened. I still wanna keep in contact but if we did figure this out then we need to take it slow and take it one day at a time. I love Eleanor and I hope you love me too.”

After Louis and Eleanor sorted it out, Louis became his bubbly caring and always hyper self.

Louis managed to join the boys for the last month of the tour. All off the boys were happy to see him and gave him the biggest hug ever.

Niall said” Louis I hope you know that we are all here for you and if you need anything then we are all here for you, even if it’s at two in the morning.”

As Niall finished speaking the stage doors opened. And you could not hear anything due to the roaring crowds. 

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