1. leaving is the hardest part...


Louis could tell that Eleanor was upset. She had tears flowing down her moderately rouged cheeks on to her bright pink shiny lips. Louis managed to catch her tears before they fell onto her glistening, figure hugging salmon satin dress.

He whispered in her ear “I will ring you ever day; I will send you texts constantly. I love you Eleanor,” he then walked away. He was so terrified to leave his girlfriend behind. He had the taste of Eleanor’s strawberry flavoured lipstick on his lips; he didn’t want to lick them, this was because he didn’t want to think of leaving her behind whilst he was on tour with the other band members.  

Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry could tell that Louis wanted to be left alone on the journey to HMV Hammersmith Apollo. Louis just sat in the dark corner with a grey pixel like jumper with his hood up. He also had his iPod headphones in his delicate soft pink ears; he had playing, full blast, a playlist that has all Eleanor’s favourite songs.  He had tears curving down his face. Harry saw he was really upset and gave Louis a hug. It was later that month that the boys got time off, the tour, to go back home. 

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