2. cheat's


As Louis walked down the dark, gloomy alley to surprise his girlfriend, at the night café, where she worked.  He herded a blackbird crow; something in his head clicked and he knew something was wrong.

As he opened the old heavy castle like creaking door he heard Eleanor’s laugh, his face suddenly went from a scared little boy to the biggest cheek to cheek smile ever, on his face.

As Louis shut the door he heard his best mate, harry styles, voice, “Eleanor I don’t think we should kiss or you should be sitting on me, if Louis finds out he will be devastated!” Louis looked out the corner of his eye he saw Eleanor sitting on harry’s lap.

 Louis said angrily “Eleanor If I was you I’d think you should get up off harry and leave him alone.”

“I’m so sorry; I don’t know what came over me. I have just felt so lonely with you being on tour, I just wanted someone to have fun with. I really do love you.” She said menially.

 You could tell in her voice that she meant it. You could also tell that she meant it when her eyes started to well up.

 Louis then said “well you should off thought of how it would make me feel when I found out. Also why choose my best mate; you know how much he means to me. He wouldn’t dare do anything to hurt me, letter lone with my girlfriend who I love and who I was going to ask to marry me.”Louis then left the room. He had tears in his eyes. He was so angry at Eleanor he ended up punching the old castle like heavy door. 

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