3. anger, pain and resentment...


 He had tears in his eyes. He was so angry at Eleanor he ended up punching the old castle like heavy door. He had tears of pain rolling down his face when harry came out to find where he was. Harry said “mate I was going to tell you when I saw you. It’s not fair let’s get you to hospital to look at those knuckles.”

As they were walking away Louis got a text, it was from Eleanor. He just ignored it and put it back into his pocket.

Harry could tell that Louis was so angry just by looking into his eyes. Louis started to shake, with anger, and harry could feel water, like as if he had left a tap on, it was in fact Louis he started to cry. Tears started to roll down his face like a river. They both walked into the distance.

Harry helped Louis walk out of A&E the next day after the doctor said “Louis you do need an operation on those knuckles, you have badly broke them when you punched the door in anger. We can do the operation today, so you don’t have to stay in hospital.”  

Louis had a blue and white striped top on with blue chinos and toms. He also had his hand in an orange bandage.

  Harry decided to tell Eleanor that Louis had broken his knuckles in anger.  Eleanor was so angry at herself, that she caused the one person that she has always love and have loved to hurt themselves over a stupid mistake that she should off never done. She kept on texting him and ringing him, he just kept on ignoring her. He didn’t want to speak to her after what she had done. 

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