Battle of the bands( a 1D fanfic love story)

Megan and her 4 best friends, Elise, haylee, makenna, and Tishawna are in the top girl band in the world called Pink mint. Then one day while hanging out there manger calls and ask them if they would like to do a charity event to help animals find homes and they find out that one direction will be doing the charity event the girls think that they'll just do it for fame but what happens when one of the girls fall for one of the guys


1. Getting the phone call

Megan's pov: me and the girls were in the studio working on some songs for our next album. We made a band called pink mint. There's 5 of us Elise, haylee, makena, Tishawna, and me Megan. We're between the ages of 18 and 21 where haylee the oldest and makenna the youngest. My phone began to ring loud and it was our manager nancy. When I answered the phone she told us about this charity event about helping animals find homes I told her I Would ask the girls if they would want to do it.
Hey girls nancy just called she wants to know if we'd want to to the charity event I ask.
Sure it sounds fun said haylee and every one agreed.
I texted her and told her we would do it and she replyed that she would becomeing over To give us more info.

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