Just your typical teenagers, Sophie and Matthew, he has fallen in complete love with her, but sometimes some secrets just need to edge out of you body, and sometimes people may get into trouble.


2. 'Little ol' B'

'Oi' Mr. Daniels shook the table 'Can you stop day dreaming and carry on with your work please Matthew?' I felt ill. A headache that had been there for the past couple of days, managed to get worse, this was 1st lesson, and I was already exhausted.

'Sorry Sir' I mumbled, he moved on to the next table. I looked straight ahead through the window, I saw Sophie running past the class, her dark wavy hair bouncing on top of her head and her body moving firmly against her bag, she burst open through the door.

'Sorry I'm late sir' she panted 'The - the bus took too long' Her eyes were watering from the cold air outside, her face was flushed. Mr. Daniels sighed.

'Sit down' He had forgiven her as she slumped into the seat beside mine. 

'Hey there' I said clumsily. 

'Look, I'm not in a talking mood, just be quiet.' She snapped.

'Sorry' I replied innocently. The whole lesson was just spent in pure awkwardness.


It was the end of the school day, I was drained. It was as if I could've slept on the ground floor right now. I wanted to call mum to pick me up, but she never answered, so I was forced to walk.  I plugged my earphones in, turned the music up loud. Suddenly, I was flying forwards, someone had pushed me.

'What the f-' It was Sophie. 'Oh...hey'

'Sorry about English, I was just cranky' She rushed.

'You don't need to apologise, everyone has their off days' I shrugged. 

'No, all you said was hey, I am really sorry' Her eyes were fuller today, as if she was high or something. 

I laughed 'Honestly, its okay' 

'Thanks' and she ran off.

I didn't out my headphones back in again, I just wondered what made her think of me like that, it was such a minor situation and she had come to apologise, weird.

I was turning into our street road, the first thing I saw was an ambulance van. Then a police car, and another one. I thought it was for our neighbour, Old Man Stanley, but I was proved wrong as he was walking fastly towards me. He grabbed my shoulders lightly as I looked at him in confusion. I pointed over towards the cars.

'Whats going on over there?' I said with concern. 

'You musn't go over there, you understand me boy?' His country voice echoed.  My eyes widened, my breathing quickened. 

'No, no, no whats happened' He pushed me back as I tried to push forward.

'I've told you not to go o'er there, so stay here' 

'Is it Beth?' I asked. His head fell down and his eyes felt sorrow. I pushed him, but yet again he retaliated and pushed me back, by now he was scrunching my black coat into his wrist. He wouldn't let me go as far as I knew it. 

'If I tell you what happened, will you stay calm?' I didn't answer, my eyes were glued to the cars, my anger pictured on my face. 

'Well?' I nodded my head. 

'Your father' He sighed. 'Stabbed little ol' B', in her sleep, young one was napping. Your fathers been taken to the hospital and B', well we don't know what the future holds for her' He looked at me. 'You listenin' boy?'

Before I knew it, I was on the ground.



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