Just your typical teenagers, Sophie and Matthew, he has fallen in complete love with her, but sometimes some secrets just need to edge out of you body, and sometimes people may get into trouble.


1. 'Death will always have an affect on a family'

My name is Matthew Summers'. 

I lived with my mother and my father. My mother was an Angel. Her name was graceful as her face, Jeane Ann, Summers' was added to her name after she married Atticus, my father. She was just an beautiful elegant creature, nothing was more calm and delicate than this woman. Her features were striking, her high cheekbones higher than any other. Her eyes slanted with a tinge of brown and hazel, her hair pitcher than the night sky. My father was another story. He was violent, scary and a alcoholic  I really have no idea how my mother found him. Story is that he had an amazing personality, his eyes would shine every time he saw her, his face would be like a warm glowing sun against his dark hair which made him stand out. Just 2 years after their marriage, my mother became pregnant with me. According to my late grandma they were happier than ever having me as their son. They would take me to the park and i would play alone whilst my innocent parents watched on. They would take me shopping and let me buy what i wanted, and every time someone walked past they would coo about how much i resembled my father, yet had my mothers stunning eyes. Life was happy until then just 6 years later, our perfect world came crashing down. My fathers mother died, my grandmother. Never had i seen my father like that, he would sit on the sofa every night and cry whilst my mother sat next to him and rub his back. His heart broke, his father abandoned them when he was young, and my grandmother was everything he had until we came along. For the rest of his life he would be grieving about her. He would come home drunk as hell, but he would never lay a hand on my mother. He loved us dearly. even though he would never ever show it again. I was 6 years old when she died. 

4 years later, my mother became pregnant again with her second child. She was a beautiful little baby, her eyes were huge, except she looked nothing like us. My father constantly accused my mother having a  affair when she knew she hadn't. She swore to him as Bethany grew up, he was her father. He refused to believe it, it got to the point that he almost walked out on us until I suggested that they get a test to prove that Beth was his child. They did a test and the test was right. For at least 2 months he never said a word. It was almost as if he never existed anymore. Beth grew up to be a beautiful young lady. She told me she never really saw Atticus as her father because of the stories she heard. She thought he never loved her, and for 7 years of her life, she had managed to get used to it. They never really had a connection besides it. So there it is, that was what happened in my family, Atticus was the root problem in our family, my mother said that he would have left us but he couldn't because of her. Death will always have an affect on a family. 

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