Diary Of A Not-So-Popular-Actor

A diary of a not so popular actor!


1. You're Through!

Mum made me do it; I didn't want to do it. "Hurry up, we'll be late!" I groaned and looked at the clock. 5:00 am it read! I screamed I thought I was having a nightmare. Mum came running upstairs her hair newly washed and a lot of make up on. "Mum do you think you've over done it on the make up?

"Darling we're going to a studio!"

"I don't want to go! You know I'm a rubbish actor!"

"Yeah, but your are so pretty they only care about looks!" It was true, I hate to boast but every girl in the class wants to be my friend they all rush to get the first seat beside me at lunch. They share their dinky little sandwiches with me and chocolate bars and anything else in their lunch basically Although the only person who is really my friend is Annabella.

 Every few minutes she would come running up the stairs and tell me to hurry up and I would groan and say I'm just coming. Eventually she had enough and said "Michelle, this is ridiculous! I have worked hard to get you this chance and here you are not even bothering to get up!"

"Well I didn't ask to go did I?!"

"Well,it was lovely of Joey to give you the opportunity"

Joey was mums new boyfriend -I hate him. Behind mums back he's horrible to me. He says I didn't know you were her child, if I did I would never have got together with her. I've tried telling mum but she just thinks I'm telling stories I do that a lot, but just for fun. He knows that I'm rubbish at acting and I hate it but he knows mum will think that he is being really generous and lovely to me- he's not.

Eventually I got out of bed-only because I needed the toilet. I went to go back to my room but mum said "That's good your up I've made you your favourite breakfast; Chocolate shake, porridge and pancakes!" That made me feel bad so I got up. Even though it was my favourite breakfast I could hardly eat any, I was to nervous, which is unusual for me because I'm never like this and always do it even if it's something I don't want to do; like now. I just wish it would hurry up and get to Wednesday so I can go to my writing class.

Mum doesn't know about writing class she think I go to supported study. I eventually give up on breakfast and go upstairs to have a shower. I started tying my hair into a bun like I always do for special occasions but mum said to leave it down and she would curl it. Then I realized, what am I actually auditioning for? 

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