Diary Of A Not-So-Popular-Actor

A diary of a not so popular actor!


2. Seriously

I hated mum. I hated Joey more though. Trust mum to go along with everything he says. Turns out he very generously- ha- signed me up for a loo roll advert! So much for being popular at school I would be a laughing stock. I can imagine Emma (the only girl that hates me, everyone says she's just jealous because of my looks and because everyone likes me.) whispering to Gemma and Gabi ,her sidekicks, and getting everyone to turn their noses up at me. I imagine walking around the playground with nobody to talk to and everyone laughing behind my back. I didn't talk to mum for the rest of the journey. She tried to make an effort because when she got of the train she took me to lunch at McDonalds. She's always said she hated McDonalds because it was just rubbish. It's a shame I couldn't enjoy it because I was starting to get nervous. I'm really bad at acting- Mum knows that. What if I screwed up and they can't find anyone else so they use that shot. I wouldn't live it down. People would still be teasing me when I'm ,like, 80. I'd probably be the only one there anyway, I mean who would want to audidtion for a loo roll advert?

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