Live While We're Young a Harry Styles love story

Vicky Siemens is 16. She is a massive One Direction fan. When she accidentally bumps into them at a London party, she falls in love with the one and only Harry Styles. Join Vicky and Harry as they discover something they never had.


1. The Party

Me and my friends are 16, which means we are now legally allowed to party!!!!!!!! However, my parents don't believe in teen parties or nights out. They believe in early nights and Christian groups. Bor-ing! I literally had to beg them to let me go to a party in London:
"Vicky, you are only 16!" they had said.
"So?" I argued.
"What if someone led you into trouble? Do you any idea know what that makes us feel?"
"As 1D said, I've gotta live while I'm young! Relax! I'll be back by ten, latest."
"Oh OK....just this once."
I texted my mate Beth to let her know.
To: Beth
Guess what????? They're letting me go 2 party!!!!

From: Beth
Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Xx
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