Summers Dance

Jessie was answering her PSE questionnaire truthfully. 'Who Is your favourite teacher.... What is your worst subject...' Until she got to the final question, 'what do you want to be hen you are older?' Jessie was stumped.


1. Going it alone

"Yeah, So I'll meet you at the benches tommorow?""Yeah, see you then!"

That was it....One of the last full conversations I had with my best friend. Well, Used to Be Best friend... We had just started high school. Caitlin was the one who got the boys,The blonde hair, and somehow she managed to get most of her questions right on the tests. 

As soon as we started High School, she only came to me when she needed the answers, or when she needed help on the question papers. Other than that, I hardly seen her. Ever. Yeah, there would be times when we would go shopping in the town, or to the cinemas, but during that she would be texting her new friends or telling me about all the guys she fancies. 

I was the one who would Be walking behind her on the pavement. Or being the one to go with her to the toilet while she fixed her lipstick'so she wouldn't be alone' Yeah, Notice the quotation marks. She left me alone every day. Every single day. She just didn't realize.  Of course, I have tons of other friends, it's just the case of finding them.

One day, I was sitting with her new group of friends, and they were making fun of the way I was eating. You know, I didn't realize I was eating somehow wrong. I was fed up, so I got up and left the table. I had to eat on My own that day, and It was the worst experience Ever.

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