Summers Dance

Jessie was answering her PSE questionnaire truthfully. 'Who Is your favourite teacher.... What is your worst subject...' Until she got to the final question, 'what do you want to be hen you are older?' Jessie was stumped.


2. Answer the questions truthfully

After that, It was hard for me to ignore her, as she sat beside me in every single one of my classes. She acted as if nothing was wrong, as if she was little miss perfection, so I just put a fake smile on my face and laughed at her jokes. 

Then when we were in PSE (Personal social education) We were handed out a questionnaire to fill out truthfully. I found most Of the questions quite easy, until the last one. What Would you Like To be when you are older? I had no idea what to put down. I sat and thought hard for a while. I new what Caitlin was going to put. She was going to put a dance teacher. Everyone new that. 

While I was thinking, I slowly noticed how gorgeous this guy was that sat at the front of the class. I thin He was called Jake. He doesn't talk much in class, like me. Jake. Gorgeous, Beautiful, Jake.

What Was I thinking? I was wasting time. A guy like that Ought to have a Girlfriend, right? I mean, sea blue eyes, tan skin, dirty blonde hair... Mmmmm.... Argh!Stop going off Track, Allison! I mean, Caitlin Probably has her eyes on him, so I wouldn't be aloud to even lay my eyes on him.

I handed in My filled out questionnaire. I was just leaving the class to get to my next period class, when My teacher called me back. I asked her what the matter was, she handed me back my questionnaire. I skimmed it through... And I looked at the last question. What I wanted to be when I was older. I couldn't even remember what I had put down.Oh. My. god. I had put down, Jakes Girlfriend? I HAD PUT DOWN JAKES GIRLFRIEND? AS WHAT I WANTED TO BE WHEN I WAS OLDER? SERIOUSLY? "Sorry, miss, Just put down technician or something.." I ran out the door, totally humiliated. If anyone found out bout this, my life wold be over.

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