The Quest for Truth

After her parents' disappearance, Lisbeth became more introverted than ever; and her nanny has been taking care of her ever since. When Lisbeth finds out the truth about herself and her whole life, will she be able to get back to normal?


1. The Beast

      "Lisbeth, darling! Eat your breakfast."
Lisbeth looked at her nanny, Ellen smiling. She was so grateful for her for everything after her parents' disappearance. She was the only one who had been taking care of Lisbeth ever since that horrific night. Ellen tried to explain what happened that night, but couldn't find an explanation. Even though their bodies had never been found, her parents were considered to be dead. Lisbeth couldn't remember their faces, but she was still depressed, and changed her appearance after that night. Black hair, black clothes had replaced her blonde hair, and lively clothes which became her bestfriends. They were the only things she could express herself with. Speaking of friends, she had none. She never really thought of having one. She was just going to school just for the sake of going to school. She didn't have any expactations from life.
      She ate her breakfast without saying a word, and left the house for school. She hated going to school, but she was a senior in high school. So, she was actually happy for the first time to be going to school. But, still all those students, and teachers were such failures in the eyes of Lisbeth. Plus, today was the first day of school, so there was still a reason to make her upset, and more depressed.
      When she arrived at school. Everyone was looking at her as usual. She was the awkward one in the school, as the students were full of rich kids that had "wonderful lives." They were calling her a freak; at least, when she wasn't able to hear them as kids were afraid of her even though they had never seen her do something intimidating at school.
       The first class was English, which she enjoyed a lot. But, she didn't really like the teacher which wasn't a surprise because of the fact that she never liked any of her teachers. So, she just hoped that the first class of the first day would be good.
       When she went in the classroom, everyone already sat down. So, she had to sit in the front row unlike the usual. A few minutes later, a good looking man showed up saying that he was the replacement for the former English teacher, which was a good news for Lisbeth as the former teacher would always try to humiliate her in the class because of her choice of hair color, and clothes, and her not participating as much as she should have. But, she was kind of sure that she wouldn't like the new teacher, either. But, the new teacher seemed a little too young to be a teacher to her. She thought the possibility of the fact that he might understand the students who were going through rough times like her. But, it was just a wish that she was hoping to come true.
      During the class, the new teacher seemed like he was looking at her. She was a little uncomfortable by that, so she went on drawing instead of paying attention to the class. Because of the class' being her favorite one, she knew a little bit too much, anyway. So, she didn't feel like she would miss out on anything. After the class ended, she was the first one to leave the classroom. She just didn't want to talk to the teacher, or any of her classmates.
       "Hey! Lisbeth!...." she heard someone calling. But, she didn't mind anyway. "Lisbeth Wilson!"
        She finally turned around. It was her new English teacher. "I'm Brody Mortensen." He was kind of out of breath trying to catch her, which made Lisbeth smile.
        "I'm your new English teacher.."
         Lisbeth looked at him like she didn't care at all, which she didn't. She knew that "handsome" men like him only thought about themselves, and their needs.
         He continued, "I'm not here to bother you. You just forgot your English book in the classroom."
         Silly me, she thought to herself.
         "Oh, thanks." she said without smiling.
         "Look, you can always count on me."
         After what he said to her, she found herself confused. The weird thing was that she actually said that she would, and she thanked.
         After school, she went home. Her cousin, Clara who lives with her was home, as well. Apparently, their nanny Ellen went to the town to get some stuff for the house.
        Clara was staying with Lisbeth, as her mother, Felicia had been left depressed like Lisbeth, after the disappearence of her mother, Katalina; and her father Harris. Felicia had always been close to them because of her sister Kat, and she had always been a second mother to Lisbeth but she was irresponsible after the incident. Lisbeth never blamed her, though. She thought Felicia was right. It was depressing. And it was her sister afterall. She had every right to be depressed, and not to take care of Lisbeth. She was almost 18, anyway. She didn't have anyone to look after her. Plus, if she did, she already had Ellen, whom Lisbeth loved the most in life.
       After Clara's questions about school, she went into kitchen to make sandwiches for both herself and Lisbeth. So, meanwhile Lisbeth went on watching TV.

      After she found herself sleeping alone on the couch, she heard some noises coming outside. The door was being knocked really hard, like there was some emergency or something. She walked up to the door, and saw a weird non-human creature standing outside. She felt like she was dreaming, which she apparently wasn't. She called her cousin, Clara; but she was nowhere to be found. At least, she was relieved that she wasn't going to get hurt. One was better than two. Then, the door was broken down, and the creature came close to her and held her neck tight with his giant hands.
      "Be mine, or be dead!" he uttered with a really loud voice. She didn't know what he meant, nor did she want to know. She just closed her eyes, and got ready to die. At least, she was going to die without obeying this disgusting creature. She just prayed that it would be quick.
      Then, she heard some noises, but she didn't feel like opening her eyes. She wasn't ready, but she was let go of the creature's hands, and she felt free. She thought she was in heaven. She felt the freedom.


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