Sixteenth Summer

A romance between a boy and a girl during summer (:


1. Prologue

It was a dark night, and the storm had gotten stronger. I wrapped my blanket around me and snuggled up in bed. The flashing of lighting blinked through my eyes, while the thunder roared and rattled the house. I felt the vibrations all through my body. The rain fell down, pelting my window, drumming a very soothingly hypnotizing beat over and over. Normally, I wasn't afraid o storms, but this was too phenomenal. The fork lightening struck down, lighting the sky for several seconds. Then boomed the thunder, shocking my heart, making me cringe involuntarily. Suddenly, my bedroom door slammed furiously. I jumped up, realizing I left my window open a crack, causing the gust of wind to slam it. I climbed out of bed to close he window then glanced at the blue light, shining the time. 3:04 am it read. I hopped back into bed and pulled the blankets up to my shoulder. It was nights like these where all I could do was lay there and think. Think about regrets, mistakes, and of course, him. I  guess I won't get any sleep At all tonight. It only then came to sudden realization that it was the last day of school tomorrow and then I was done grade 11. I was actually thrilled, but devastated at the same time, because I knew that meant a whole summer without seeing him.

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