Hard Love

Tayla Green lives the perfect life, or so it seems, being the girlfriend of world famous popstar Zayn Malik renders her the envy of girls throughout the world...

There's just one problem; Harry Styles.

For two years the sexual tension and the sheer desire for more than friendship has built up between the two...

Will Tayla follow her heart into a land of uncertainity?


Will she stay where it's comfortable?

Better the devil you know, right?


3. The Same Girl.


I stared at the clock for the hundredth time that afternoon alone, it was twenty minutes until I could leave work and I couldn’t wait. I was going out tonight with the girls and I planned to get absolutely wasted. A familiar figure stood infront of the office window and caught my eye, it was Zayn. I worked for Sony music, the label which the boys were signed too so I was often surprised with visits at work. I hurried to the door, hoping my battle axe for a boss hadn’t noticed, she hated me and this would be another excuse to lecture me.

“What are you doing? I could get in trouble!” I scolded him in whisper form.

“Come here. Do you have any idea how hot you look in your work clothes?” Zayn’s deep voice was so inviting.

“I had an idea when you struggled to let me go this morning.” I teased. “I better get back before Barbara notices.” I pulled away from him as his eyes formed cute puppy dog eyes.

“Do you have to go baby? I just want to take you home with me.”

“I have too; I’ll be home before I go out tonight so I’ll see you then?”

Zayn pulled me back towards him planting a firm passionate kiss on my lips.

“You better prepare yourself…” Zayn warned, winking as I walked back into my office.

Things were different between us recently but despite everything we still both had our insatiable sex drives, our sex life was the only thing that was never an issue.


For the whole train journey home I imagined all the things Zayn was going to do to me when I got home. I arrived home incredibly horny and extremely flustered, I needed him now.

“Hello?” I shouted, my voice echoing through the apartment.

There was no reply, the apartment was empty.

‘I’m home, where are you? I’m horny and I want you…’

I texted him and it wasn’t long before I received a reply.

‘Got caught up at work babe, sorry.’

I couldn’t help but wonder if this work he spoke of had a female name. I shrugged off the thoughts, I wasn’t about to let my ungrateful boyfriend ruin my first night out with the girls for ages. It was his loss.


I stood infront of the long hallway mirror; I was wearing a tiny black body con dress, teamed with a short black leather jacket and black ankle heels. I felt sexy.

The elevator door opened to reveal probably the only person I hoped it wouldn’t, Harry. His eyes nearly burst out of his head as he looked me up and down. We were alone in the lift for the second time in as many days and this time was no different to the last. Harry was dressed in a tight blue Ramones t-shirt, the sleeves slightly rolled up, blue sagging jeans and white converse. I had never been so attracted to him before.  My train of perverted thoughts was interrupted by Harry’s hand brushing across the small of my back and down to my bum, his hand rested there. I turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow, he only smiled back. Harry quickly pressed more buttons as we almost came to the ground floor, sending the lift back up again.

“What? I need to go!” I protested.

Harry stood infront of me so my back was against the elevator wall. His eyes were a dark green colour; I knew exactly what was on his mind. Harry leaned down, softly placing small kisses from my ear, down my cheek bone before finally landing on my lips. The moment our lips met for the first time the earth stood still, everything fell silent; I could only focus on him. Harry’s lips were plump and moist as we slowly met a joint rhythm, he licked my bottom lip, begging for entry and I obliged. Our tongues collided with passionate force, as his tongue massaged mine I felt his hand slide up my side, cupping my overflowing breast before massaging gently. I was so turned on my hand automatically found its way to his crotch; I rubbed the hardness through his jeans and gasped at the size. He was huge. I began to finger the edge of jeans before his hand pushed mine away. Harry pulled away from our electric kiss as the elevator hit the ground floor once again.

“Come with me, I’ll give you a lift.” Harry took my hand but remembered the situation half way through the lobby, I giggled.


We drove down the dark streets of London, the only lights coming from faint street lights, most of which were broken, and the odd house window.

“So I guess you weren’t lying when you said you were horny…” Harry said out of the blue.

“What do you mean?”

“The text you sent Zayn, I had his phone, and I saw it.” Harry looked at me and smiled.

My cheeks turned a crimson colour with embarrassment.

“I can’t believe you saw that!”

“It’s no big deal, Tayla. Everyone wants to fuck once in a while…”

“Oh shut up, Harry. Atleast I know he was actually at work then.”

“Of course he was, where else would he be?” Harry looked concerned.

“I’ve been under the impression for ages that he is cheating, you guys are popstars with every girl throwing themselves at your feet, of course he is going to cheat.” I argued as if I was trying to convince myself that it was justified.

“We’re popstars with millions of girls lusting after us, you’re right. You know what’s funny though?” I shook my head. “We both want the same girl.”

My skipped a beat as he said those words, I hadn’t thought about Harry wanting me in any other way rather than sexually.

“Wait, if you were at work with Zayn how was you in the lift with me?” I asked, my suspicions rose once more.

“After I read your text I figured you might need a little helping hand…”

“You have got to be kidding me!”

Harry laughed out loud.

“I forgot my wallet. Although, I definitely was hoping to run into you and you didn’t disappoint.” Harry winked at me. We pulled up outside of my friend’s house.

“Thank you.” I said, smiling at him as I went to get out. Harry’s arm grabbed onto mine softly and stopped me.

He pulled me into a kiss once more; every touch of his lips against mine sent shivers down my spine. Harry tucked my blonde locks behind my ear before edging closer into a whisper.

“If I was your boyfriend you would never have to want for anything again.”

It took all of my willpower not to tell him to start the engine and let’s run away together but I knew it wasn’t possible.


The speakers in the club blasted ‘Rihanna – Only Girl’ as I danced with my two friends Cherry and Belle right by our table, the club was packed solid but I soon noticed our other friend Layla appear through the crowds with another girl not far behind. We kissed each other cheeks, greeting each other excitedly; it had been ages since we had seen each other.

“Tayla, this is my cousin Aimee. Aimee this is one of my best girls, Tayla.”

We smiled at each other pleasantly, there was something instantly off about this girl. I didn’t trust her. She looked at me as if I was insignificant.

“You look familiar? Do I know you from somewhere?” Aimee said; her voice soft and girly with a Manchester accent.

“I don’t think so.” I replied, feeling unattractive stood next to her, she looked like a model.

After my sixth Vodka and Coke of the evening I finally began to let myself go.

“You’re not from around here are you?” I asked a rather bored looking Aimee as she sat alone at our table, the other girls were in the middle of the dance floor.

“No, no, I’m from Cheshire. I’m just down here for the weekend to see my boyfriend.”

“That’s cute.”

Our conversation swiftly ran its course as she played with her phone. Aimee definitely gave off a bad vibe but I had no idea why that was, yet. I rummaged through my small purse to check my phone, two new messages.

‘Hurry home, I’m naked and waiting…’

Zayn was clearly being his ever charming self.

‘I meant what I said, Tayla. I want you in every way possible.’

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I read Harry’s message over and over again. He really was perfect.

Why couldn’t I have met him first? 

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