Hard Love

Tayla Green lives the perfect life, or so it seems, being the girlfriend of world famous popstar Zayn Malik renders her the envy of girls throughout the world...

There's just one problem; Harry Styles.

For two years the sexual tension and the sheer desire for more than friendship has built up between the two...

Will Tayla follow her heart into a land of uncertainity?


Will she stay where it's comfortable?

Better the devil you know, right?


18. Final.


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 I sat on the balcony of my hotel room with a hot mug of Coffee in my hand enjoying the cool summer’s breeze, my favourite part of waking early. The sun was rising behind London's skyline as my final day in the city began. I was staying on the 18th floor, I always enjoyed being so high up as I could see the whole of North and East London. Looking out in the distance I could see Louis' apartment block and I could also see the airport. It was almost as if they were positioned perfectly for me to go one way or the other, back to Harry or off to L.A to start my new life. My harmonious thoughts and feelings were broken by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

"Who is it?" I called out, praying it wasn't Harry.
"It's me, Louis, open up."
Louis looked tired but still had a huge smile plastered all over his naturally tanned face.
"What are you doing here?" I asked as Louis walked in as if he owned the place, carrying three suitcases.
"I've brought your stuff, heard you're going away tomorrow."
"Thanks." I nodded.
There was a silence as Louis looked around the room, probably noticing the mascara stained white pillow from where I had cried myself to sleep the night previously. I shuffled my feet awkwardly, as if I was being inspected. 
"What else have you come for?" I could tell just by the look on his face he was debating how to say what he clearly wanted too.
"Don't go, Tay." I smirked and turned the doorknob to let him out. "Wait, just hear me out." 
"You have five minutes, Lou. I have some organising to do."
Louis sat down on the bed, making himself comfortable.
"Look Tayla, I'll be straight with you. Harry is a prick..."
"If that's all you have to say you might as well save your breath, I already know that."
"I'm sure you do." Louis laughed. "If you had let me finish what I was going to add was that although he is a prick he also has the biggest heart out of everyone I've ever met. He loves you so much; do you know he hasn't slept all night? I've been up with him trying to work out ways to get you to stay, to come back to him..."
"Am I supposed to care? He acted like a total arsehole when I needed him most and another thing; why the fuck did you tell him when I asked you not too?" 
"I'm sorry, I didn't think he'd do that, you needed support and I thought he would give you it." Louis looked genuinely remorseful.
"Well he didn't and now look where we are! If you had just let me tell him in my own time, when things had settled down, then we probably wouldn’t be where we are today." 
"I know. I was wrong, Harry was wrong, in a way you were wrong too." 
"I was wrong?" My tone of voice spat pure anger at Louis.
"Harry had just found out the boy he had spent ages bonding with wasn't actually his, you could have cut him some slack!" 
"Are you actually serious, Louis? I don't have to listen to this, why don't you go back to Harry and you can both discuss all the ways in which I ruined his life!"
"I don't think you have, Tayla."
"Well Harry certainly does!" I opened the hotel room door and stood with my arms crossed securely over my chest.
"I get it, you're angry. I can't stop you from going to L.A but atleast say goodbye. We are having a small party for Matthew this afternoon, stop by then and say your goodbyes. Don't leave it like this, please." Louis walked outside of the room.
"Whatever, Louis." 
I slammed the door in his face and threw myself down on the bed. The sooner I get out of this godforsaken country the better.


The Styles: Can we talk please?

Tayla: Are you serious? You could have come this morning but instead you send your little errand boy.

The Styles: I didn’t send him; he went on his own command.

Tayla: The fact is, you didn’t even bother.

The Styles: I know…fuck, T. I’m so sorry for everything.

Tayla: I don’t care.

The Styles: Yes you do, just let me see you.

The Styles: Please Tayla.

The Styles: Please x

The Styles: Please don’t ignore me.

The Styles: Tayla?

The Styles: I’m not going to let you go without seeing you first.


Being horrible to Harry was the hardest thing in the world; I couldn’t help but love him even when I barely liked him. As it was my last day in my home city and also a beautiful summer’s day I decided I would do some shopping in Central London. I picked my favourite dress out from my suitcase, an ivory floaty one and teamed it with a cropped leather jacket and some black heels, I felt fabulous.

I sat on the underground train with my iPod headphones in, daydreaming about my new life. I was listening to Johnny Cash – Always on my mind when suddenly I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned round to be faced by two stone faced teenage girls. Dread immediately filled me, I figured I was about to be bombarded by angry, abusive One Direction fans. I smiled at them and took my headphones out.

“You’re her aren’t you?” The shorter redhead asked.

“That depends who you think I am.” I replied, still smiling, hoping that if I kept it as friendly as possible they would go easy on me.

“Tayla, the girl who is seeing Harry Styles?” The taller, plumper girl piped up.

 “Yes, I was seeing Harry. I’m not anymore so he’s all yours girls.” I winked, inside I was shaking, I hated confrontation.

“Was? You mean you split up?” The redhead had taken over the conversation again.

“Yes, we’re separated.”


“It’s kind of personal, girls. We just…I guess…we just kind of want different things.” That wasn’t a lie.

“Sorry, we don’t mean to be nosey. We just love you two together, you’re our favourite celebrity couple!” The taller girl added in a surprisingly excited tone.

“Wow, thank you. I’m hardly a celebrity though lovelies.”

“You are in the One Direction fandom.”

“Well thank you. I’m moving away tomorrow so I definitely won’t be involved in the boy’s lives much anymore.”

“WHAT? Where are you moving?”

“To L.A. I have work over there and the boys are based here so it makes sense to cut all ties really.”

“That’s so sad; I thought you and Harry were perfect for each other. No chance of a reunion?”

“I doubt it. Anyway, I’m getting off at the next stop. Thank you for being so lovely ladies.”

“Wait, can we have a picture with you please?”

“With me? Why?”

“Because you’re fricking Tayla!”

“Okay.” I laughed; I positioned myself between the girls and tried my hardest to look good as I knew the picture would end up on Tumblr or some other website.

“Thank you, Tayla. Have fun in L.A!”

The two girls waved happily as I got off the train at Oxford Circus, they left me with a proper smile on my face and really brightened my day. I was barely half an hour into my shopping trip before my phone started buzzing again.

Why can’t you just leave me alone, Harry?

The Styles: You look amazing in the dress you have on today.

Tayla: What? Where are you?

The Styles: At home. The girls you met on the train tweeted me the picture with a nice little message.

Tayla: Great.

The Styles: Want to read it?

Tayla: Not particularly…

The Styles: @Harry_Styles Hey Harry we just met Tayla! OMG she is stunning! She said you two aren’t together anymore and that she’s going away; don’t let her go, you two are meant to be! We love you both so please fight for her. Abby & Nell xo

Tayla: Yeah, pretty much what they said to me too.

The Styles: They have a point, don’t you think?

Tayla: No, I don’t. I have to go, I’m busy.

The Styles: Where are you?

Tayla: Bye Harry.


“How can I help you?” The Starbucks employee asked with a ‘kill me now’ look on his face.

“Large Latté please.”



I sat on a chair situated in the furthest corner of the Coffee shop with my back to the rest of the customers so as to not draw attention to myself. My phone buzzed once more.

“Hello?” I answered to the unknown number.

“Hello Tayla this is Mack calling from L.A.” The broad American accent sounded so bright and chirpy even though it was barely 7am there.

“Hey Mack.”

“I’m just calling to make sure you are all set for tomorrow?”

“I’m all packed and excited to get over there now!”

“Good. Did you get the itinerary? I will be meeting you at arrivals.”

“Got it. Look forward to meeting you, Mack.”

“Ditto. I have your apartment all ready for you to move into.”

“Sorry, is this seat taken?” A voice interrupted the conversation, without paying attention to the person who sat down I quickly shook my head and carried on.

“Excellent, see you tomorrow then!” The excitement was building already; a fresh start was exactly what I needed.

“See you tomorrow, kiddo!”

I came off the phone with a smile on my face, life was looking up.

“Good news?” The husky toned voice mumbled infront of me, I looked up to see who was sitting there.

“Harry? What the fuck are you doing here?” My smile had immediately fallen immediately.

“I told you I wasn’t going to let you go without seeing you first.” He was dressed in a white t shirt and a grey beanie pulling back his curls to enhance the brightness of his emerald eyes.

“How the hell did you even find me?”

“I asked your two fans where they saw you getting off and connected the dots, you never could resist Starbucks and if your head wasn’t in the clouds you would have noticed me sitting opposite you when you came in.” The proud smirk on his face was rather annoying.

“Well done, you’ve found me. Now could you please leave?”

“This is a public place, Tayla. I don’t have to go anywhere.”

“Fine, I’ll go then.” I stood up and grabbed my bag.

“Go wherever you like, I’ll just follow you.”

Harry wasn’t lying; he followed me out of Starbucks and down the road until I finally snapped in the middle of Leicester Square, not caring that there were thousands of tourists surrounding us.

“Harry, please, just leave me alone!” I shouted at him.

“No! I won’t let you go, Tayla. I can’t!” Harry grabbed my arms and held me firmly in place.

“Please, it is just easier this way. Just let me go!” I cried, desperately trying to break away from him.

“OH MY GOD! YOU ARE HARRY STYLES!” A group of girls walking past screamed in unison.

“For fuck sake.” Harry mumbled under his breath.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“Hi girls.” Harry released one of my arms but held my other hand tightly to be sure I wouldn’t escape.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you! You’re so fucking hot!”

“Thanks. Do you want a picture?” Harry was so bad at faking happiness but in the midst of admiration, I was sure the girls wouldn’t have even noticed.

“Yes!” They all screamed.

“I’ll take it for you.” I offered.

The girls handed me their camera and all huddled as closely to Harry as they possibly could.

“Smile!” I was aiming this direction at Harry more than the girls who needed no prompting.

“Thank you so much! Harry, could you sign this for me?”

“Harry, could you speak to my friend on the phone?”

The girls all crowded around him and I saw my opportunity to escape, I quickly turned away and ran down the back streets I knew so well. I ran and ran until I hit Trafalgar Square and quickly jumped on a number 29 bus taking me back to my hotel.


By the time I reached the door of my hotel room I had 38 missed calls from Harry. Opening the door I felt a sense of relief knowing he hadn’t decided to charm his way into my room this time, much like Disney Land, and was waiting for me.

“Hello, room service?” The receptionist answered.

“Can I have some chips and also do you deliver wine?”

“Yes, madam.”

“I’ll have two bottles of Rose wine.” I didn’t care that it was only just 3 o’clock in the afternoon I needed a drink.

As I finished the first bottle of wine I was attempting to start on the next one when there was a knock on the door. I stood up stumbling, the room began to spin but I didn’t care, I was having fun. If I was in my right frame of mind I wouldn’t have even bothered answering the door but I wasn’t. I swung the door open, struggling to focus on the figure infront of me. Harry. I jumped as I recognised him and quickly tried to shut the door but he jammed his large converse clad foot in between the door and the door frame.

“Go away!” I slurred.

“No. You can’t escape me, Tayla.”

Harry forced the door open more and got inside the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Please, Harry. I don’t want to do this.” I begged, I stood leaning against the wall to steady myself.

“Jesus, Tay, are you drunk?”


Harry examined the empty wine bottle.

“It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon!”

“So what? It’s none of your business what I do. Can you please go?”

Harry stood up and walked over to me; he took my hands and entwined his fingers in mine.

“No, Harry. Please just go.” My voice was softer, less harsh this time as Harry’s breath tickled my forehead. He held my chin and forced me to look at him.

“You know, you have said that an awful lot in the past few hours yet not once did I believe you truly meant it.”

As I stared into his green orbs I felt my head spin even more, a mixture of the alcohol flowing through my blood stream and the desire to never leave his side.

“I do mean it.”

“You’re the worst liar in the whole world.” Harry giggled, he leaned forward to initiate a kiss, I moved my head out of the way.

“No, Harry. You can’t think you can come here, kiss me and everything will be ok.” My voice was steadier this time.

“I don’t think that at all. I can’t help but want to feel the softness of your lips on mine every time I’m around you. You’re so fucking perfect, Tayla. You just need to believe it.”

“But I’m not perfect, I’m far from it, I am a woman who’s main function as a female does not even work. That isn’t perfect, that is broken.”

Harry looked at me for a moment; I could see a different kind of emotion in his eyes, a pained look.

“I don’t care about that. I love you with everything, every single part of me, anything else is irrelevant. I just want to be with you.”

“I couldn’t do it to you, Harry.”

“For fuck sake, Tayla. What do I have to say to you to make you see exactly how I feel? You are who I want to spend my life with. I didn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t bear waking up without you dribbling on my chest. I’m nothing, NOTHING, without you and I just…I just can’t let you go.” Harry looked to the floor; I noticed a small tear run off the end of his jawline. My heart tug so hard in my chest it felt as if it was falling out.

I reached my hand out to wipe the wet stain off of his unshaven cheek. For a moment our eyes locked together, we were both staring so deep into eachothers eyes it was almost as if we were able to read eachothers thoughts. I quickly kissed him; a rush of electricity ran through my body, my hands roamed through Harry’s curls as he held firmly onto my hips. Within an instance, he lifted me up into his arms as if he was carrying me over the threshold after our wedding. Harry laid me on the large satin white sheets and immediately climbed on top of me. Our lips connected again with such hunger and passion. We were so impatient at this very moment, desperate to connect in the closest way possible that we only removed the necessary pieces of clothing. As I lay underneath Harry in my ivory dress I felt his familiar large hand slide up the inside of my bare thigh, I gasped as his cold hands touch the warmness of my most private part. Sliding his finger over it he rested it on my clit, watching every facial expression I made closely as he gently began to pleasure me with such expertise. I moaned softly against his mouth as he placed his thumb on my clit, drawing circles, and slid two fingers inside of me. Our lips were barely touching; I stared deep into his eyes as waves of pleasure washed over me.

“I want to feel you.” I moaned in a whisper.

Harry smiled and hurriedly freed his rock hard cock from his boxers, rubbing the tip over my slit I sighed hungrily. His hand held my head in place as he entered me slowly we kept eye contact, only heightening the pleasure more. There was no hurry in our love making, and that’s what it was, love making. Harry rocked his hips against mine, both of us breathing deeply and moaning softly as each surge of ecstasy rocked over us at exactly the same time. Harry began kissing behind my ear and down my neck, his pace sped up slightly but we didn’t once lose the closeness of our bodies.

“I love you.” He mumbled into my ear, the heat of his breath tickled my skin causing me to shiver.

“I love you too, Harry.”

Harry lifted my hand and motioned for me to touch myself, I obeyed. He began thrusting into me faster than before, his moans more frequent when suddenly I felt my orgasm crash down on me. I arched my back, gripping at the bed sheet as I cried out in ecstasy.

“Holy shit!” Harry moaned.

He thrust into me slower but deeper three more times before I felt his warm liquid release inside of me. Harry’s body crashed down onto mine before rolling off of me. We lay next to each other, sweating and desperately trying to steady our breathing for a while.

“That was incredible.” Harry mumbled in his thick Cheshire accent.

“It was.”

“I mean, it was the best I’ve ever had.”

“Thanks.” I jokingly winked at him.

“I’ve just never made love to a woman before and doing it with you just felt so right.”

I smiled and kissed him. We must have fallen asleep shortly after as we were awoke by the sound of Harry’s phone ringing.

“Hello?” He answered groggily.

“Oh shit!”

“We’ll be there in a minute, promise!”

Harry threw his phone back on the side table and jumped out of bed, grabbing at every piece of his clothing he could find.

“Quick get dressed!” He demanded.

“What’s the emergency?”

“It’s Matthew’s goodbye party right now and I’m not there!” Harry sounded frantic. “Can you please hurry up?”


The car journey to Louis’ apartment, where the party was being held, was a silent one. I couldn’t tell what Harry was thinking but I couldn’t get the confusing thoughts out of my mind. Harry had told me he loved me, that he wanted to be with me forever but I was still going to L.A the next day and I had no idea what that meant for our future. Could I really be selfish enough to ask him to join me? Would he want too?

We pulled up outside of the apartment block to find the huge front doors were decorated in Ben 10 balloons and banners. As we walked down the corridor to the apartment from the lift I pulled Harry’s arm, forcing him to turn and face me.

“I have to ask this, Harry. What is going to happen with us?” My words were rushed making my anxiety obvious.

“What do you mean?” Harry looked puzzled.

“I’m going to L.A tomorrow, Harry…”

“Can we talk about this after? I want to go and say goodbye to my so-…Matthew.”

Without further discussion Harry knocked on the door and we were engulfed in the excitable atmosphere of a little boy’s party.

Louis’ living room was decorated in the biggest banners and balloons I’d ever seen, there was a buffet table laid out which was overflowing with sandwiches, cocktail sausages and just about everything edible a child could ask for. In the middle of the table was a large green cake, the white icing read: ‘See you soon, Matthew. We’ll miss you!’

“Who organised all of this?” I asked Louis as we stood nursing our plastic Ben 10 cups filled to the brim with Wine and Louis’ with brandy.

“Harry did everything.”

I watched Harry as he never once took his attention off the little boy. They were playing a game with Matthew’s action figures and I could barely tell who was enjoying it more.

“I don’t know how Harry is going to cope without Matthew around anymore.” Louis commented, echoing the thoughts of every adult in the room.

“We’re just going to have to be there for him as much as we can. He is going to be devastated.” I replied.

“Does that mean you’re not going away then?”

“No, I’m still going.”

“So how can you be there for him when you will be thousands of miles away?” Louis’ voice hinted at annoyance. “Wait, is Harry going too?”

I paused; I was totally unsure how to answer that question as I didn’t know myself.

“Oh my god, he is, isn’t he? I can’t believe this.” Louis walked quickly over to Harry. “Harry mate, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Can’t it wait, Lou? I’m kind of busy here…”

“No, now.”

I quickly followed them over to the furthest corner.

“You’re going to L.A?” Louis was stood cross armed with his face screwed up in what I guessed was anger.

“Who told you that?” Harry asked. The boys simultaneously looked at me.

“I didn’t say a thing!” I protested, hands in the air.

“You didn’t deny it either!” Louis argued.

“I thought I said we were going to discuss this AFTER the party?” Harry now joined in with the annoyed look.

“For god’s sake, I didn’t say a word!”

“Look, mate.” Harry focused his attention on Louis. “Whatever I decide, you’ll be the first to know.”

“The first?”

“Ok, after Tayla, you will be the first.”

“I can’t believe you’re leaving me.” Louis looked saddened.

“You know what, I came here to say goodbye to a little boy I love and care about. I’m going back over to spend every last minute with him. You two selfish arseholes can stay here and argue amongst yourselves.” Harry stormed back over to Matthew leaving us stood in silence.

“You’re such a prick, Louis.” I mumbled.

“You’re the bitch that keeps taking away all my friends!” He spat back at me.

“That’s low.” I grabbed my bag off the side and made my way out of the apartment block.

I sat quietly on a bench at the front of the grounds, the summer rain bounced lightly off of my bare arms but I didn’t care much. It was only when the person next to me coughed that I even realised she was there.

“Are you ok, miss?”

I turned to face the older lady; she was dressed in a pale pink floaty dress with a matching blazer on top.

“Oh, hi. Erm, yeah…” I awkwardly replied.

“Come on now, I’ve been on this earth too many years to know a sad face when I spot one. What’s wrong?”

As if I had known the older lady all my life I blurted out everything, from start to finish and she sat patiently listening, not interrupting me once.

“Oh my…that’s quite a life you’ve had already.” She commented once she was sure I was finished telling her everything.

“Not that I can blame anyone but myself.”

“Now child, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in all my years it is this: when you’re old and incapable of making any more mistakes you certainly don’t regret them. I would give my right arm, not that it is much use to anybody, to be able to make a few more mistakes. Mistakes are a sign that you have lived life to the full, things go wrong but who cares? You pick yourself back up, you dust yourself off and you get back out there and make some more.”

“But I can’t ruin Harry’s life; I can’t take him away from everyone he loves…”

“Isn’t love funny? We spend our whole lives looking for someone who loves you as much as you want them too but we never seem to realise when we have that person.”

“Harry doesn’t love me that much, he just feels as if he has to cling on to me.”

“Will you just listen to an old lady?” I nodded at her. “This man loves you with everything he has, trust him not to hurt you and he won’t. Don’t let him go, honey. You don’t want to get to my age and still regret pushing away your soul mate, do you?”

“I guess you’re right. Thank you. Are you speaking from experience?” I dared to ask.

“No, honey. I found my soul mate when I was about your age but I swore to never let him go and I never did. Don’t get me wrong, there were times I could have killed him but I stuck through it, we worked at it and the happiness outweighed it all.” The lady spoke with a glisten in her eye as she mentioned him, her whole face lit up.

“Where is he now, at home cooking your dinner?”

“I wish. Harold passed away almost 2 years ago now.”

“Oh no, I am so sorry.”

“It’s no bother, honey. Death is a part of life, now I’m just biding my time till I see my man waiting for me at those big pearly gates.”

“I’m sure he will be. Thank you…sorry, what’s your name?”

“Alice. I have to go now.” The older lady stood up. “Now remember, I held on tight to my Harold, you hold on tight to yours too.”

The lady winked as she turned away and walked off. I stood up once she was out of sight and made my way back up to the apartment. Everyone but Harry noticed me walk back in and Louis came straight over to me and hugged me.

“Sorry babe, I have this stupid thing called verbal diarrhoea.”

“It’s ok.” I broke free of him as he wasn’t who I wanted to see.

“No it’s not. I love you like a sister, I promise to start thinking before I spew utter shit from my mouth.”

“It’s fine, Louis. I’m just going to speak to Harry.”

I slipped my arm behind Harry’s back, holding on to his almost non-existent hipbones. Harry turned to look at me and smiled as if nothing had happened.

“I’m sorry for being so selfish, Harry.”

“It doesn’t matter. I promise we will talk once this is over.”

“I love you.” I whispered up into his ear and he kissed me.

Matthew took the opportunity to lunge at me, hugging tightly at my thighs. I bent down to give him a proper hug.

“I’m going to miss you Aunty Tayla.” He squeaked.

“I’m going to miss you too, Matty.” It was true, despite my initial resentment I did genuinely care about him as if he were part of my family now.

“Will you come and visit me when Daddy Harry does?”

I looked at Harry’s face; he was obviously fighting back the urge to cry as he heard Matthew call him daddy once more so I squeezed him a little tighter just to give him as much support as possible.

“I will definitely visit you when I can.” I promised something I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep.


When the party wound down and Matthew was taken to his aunts, Harry, Louis and I sat in a sombre mood on the sofas.

“I’m going to make a cup of tea, does anyone want one?” Louis offered standing up from his seat.

“No thanks, Lou. I think Tayla and I are going to head back to the hotel.”

“We are?” I asked.

“Yeah, we have things to sort out, don’t you think?” I nodded in agreement.

“Just don’t be leaving the country without a goodbye!” Louis shouted at us as we shut the apartment door.

Once again our car journey was silent, I couldn’t work out whether this was a good sign or a bad sign so instead I crossed my fingers, hoping for a positive outcome. The moment we stepped into the hotel room Harry threw his car keys onto the dresser and took out two mini bottles of Vodka from the mini bar.

“Sit down, we need to talk.” His voice was solemn, adding to my already strengthening dread.

“Look if it’s bad news, I’m ok with not talking about it tonight. Let’s just enjoy our last night together and worry about tomorrow when it happens…” I began to organise my clothes for the last bit of packing I had left to do.

Harry walked towards me and handed me a glass of neat Vodka.

“Shut up and drink this.”

“There’s no need to be rude.” Harry raised his eyebrow. “Ok.”

I obeyed and backed the drink in one, squirming when it began to burn my throat.

“Now sit down next to me on the bed, we really do need to talk.”

I climbed up onto the satin ivory duvet cover next to Harry and took a deep breath. Harry ran his long fingers over my hand before sliding them so they fitted together perfectly.

“Look at me, Tayla.” I looked up to see his warm smile. “Why do you think it will be bad news?”

“What I’m asking of you is way too much; I couldn’t ask you to leave your friends and your family behind just to move out of the country for me to pursue a career that probably won’t work out. I can’t do it, I just can’t. I want you to stay here, stay here and be with everyone you love.”

“That’s just not possible.”

“What do you mean? Of course it is.”

“No, it’s not. If I was to stay here and you were in L.A I wouldn’t be with who I love. You’re who I love, Tayla. You. You are all that matters now.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’m coming with you tomorrow. We’re going to start a new life, a fresh life, just the two of us. Forever.”

“You do know it will be just the two of us, forever?”

“The kid’s thing isn’t an issue. I want to be with you and that’s final.”

“I can’t believe this is happening!” I squealed with a mixture of excitement and amazement.

“There’s one condition though…”

Harry reached inside his pocket slowly and my heart stopped, was he really about to propose to me? He wasn’t. Instead Harry pulled out a tattoo gun.

“What the…”

“You thought I was about to propose to you, didn’t you?” He laughed.

“No…” I lied.

“I’m about to ask you to do something that will be a lifetime commitment though. I want you to tattoo my name on your body.”

“Are you crazy? What if we split up? I can’t walk around with Harry Styles written on my body for the rest of my life. I’ll look like some obsessed fangirl.”

“I’m not planning on leaving, are you?”


“So what’s the issue?”

“Ok. I’ll do it.” Harry’s smile beamed brightly. “There’s one condition, however.”

“Go on…”

“I don’t get your name, I get your initials instead, I get to choose where on my body AND you have to do the same.”

“That’s three conditions!” Harry moaned.


“Ok, that’s a deal.”

We jokingly shook hands to secure our deal before I held out my left wrist for Harry to decorate. Surprisingly Harry was pretty good at using the tattoo gun; within ten practically painless minutes I had the letters H S tattooed on me in bold, inside a medium sized heart.

“Do you like it?” He asked once he had finished, he looked mighty proud of himself.

“I love it!” I shrieked. “Your turn!”

Harry chose the tattoo to lie on his hip bone; I delighted in watching him suppressing the urge to yelp in pain as the needle traced his skin. Once I was finished we lay in bed admiring our new artwork. I was just about ready to pounce on his slightly tanned body when he got up.

“Where are you going?” I questioned.

“I have to go and say goodbye to my parents, my sister, everyone. Don’t worry I’ve planned it so I meet up with you at the airport bright and early for our flight.”

“I thought we could, you know, spend the night together.”

“Don’t look so down, baby. Starting from tomorrow we will be together every night for the rest of our lives.”

I walked Harry to the door before jumping on him; I kissed all down his neck as I held myself up using his back as support.

“Are you sure you want to go?” I pulled my most seductive face, failing miserably.

“Tomorrow, baby. I promise.”

Harry kissed my lips slowly as if he wanted the memory indented for as long as possible. He then reached out for my wrist, bringing it up to meet his lips; he kissed around the permanent mark he had left, soothing the swollen red skin.

“I love you, Tayla.”

“Love you too.” I replied, shutting the door.


My alarm sounded loudly at 6am, today was the day. My first instinct was to reach out to Harry next to me in bed but then I realised he was meeting me at the airport in an hour. I showered quickly and threw on my travel clothes, my pj bottoms and a cardigan, not bothering with too much make up. As I prepared to leave my hotel room I messaged Harry on BBM.

Tayla: Good morning lovely, hope you’re excited about today, I AM!!! <3

Arriving at the airport, I was rather disappointed Harry wasn’t already waiting for me over by the check-in desk but I didn’t think too much of it. I handed the check-in lady my passport.

“My boyfriend, Harry Styles, is flying with me. Could you possibly tell me if he has already checked-in?”

“I’ll just have a look for you.”

As the woman stared at her computer screen I messaged him once more.

Tayla: I’m here baby, where are you? X

It was then that I realised my previous messaged hadn’t even been received, which was odd.

“He definitely hasn’t checked in yet, you can wait for him in departures and I’ll make sure to tell him you are through there.”

“Thank you so much!”

I made my way through all of security, eagerly checking my phone for any sign of him at every oppourtunity. There was nothing.

I ordered myself a large Coffee and sat on a bench away from most of the people in departures. Once an hour had passed I was extremely worried so I called him.

“You have reached the voicemail for telephone number 07956001456. Please leave a message after the beep.”

“Harry, it’s me. I’m at the airport and I’m worried, there’s only 20minutes left to check in. Where are you?”

I shook my leg violently as I continuously clicked on the messages, checking every 3 seconds whether they had been read or not. They hadn’t. I decided to call Louis as the clock read 10 minutes till check-in closed.

“Hello?” The groggy voice answered.

“Louis, it’s me. Have you seen Harry?” My voice was rushed and panicked.

“No, why?”

“Check-in closes in 10 minutes and he’s not here and his phone is off and I just…I just don’t know what to do.”

My phone beeped during the conversation alerting me to the fact I had one new message.

“I have to go, Lou.”

I hung up and my fingers fumbled as I tried to open the message as fast as I could.

The Styles: I can’t do it.

I threw my phone down onto the floor and stomped on it.

“I believed in you!” I screamed down at the phone on the floor as tears burst out of the corner of my eyes. I put my trust in love and it failed me once more.



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