Hard Love

Tayla Green lives the perfect life, or so it seems, being the girlfriend of world famous popstar Zayn Malik renders her the envy of girls throughout the world...

There's just one problem; Harry Styles.

For two years the sexual tension and the sheer desire for more than friendship has built up between the two...

Will Tayla follow her heart into a land of uncertainity?


Will she stay where it's comfortable?

Better the devil you know, right?


5. Competition.


I stepped inside the hotel lobby, the room decorated with, what I suspected were real, crystal chandeliers and gold plated photo frames that held pictures of old English royalty.

“We came all the way to Florida to stay in a hotel that looks like something out of the West End of London?” I murmured to Zayn who barely even acknowledged I spoke.

“Good evening Sir, welcome to Hayes Hotel. I’ll just check you in.” The overly flirty receptionist fluttered her eyelashes continuously in Zayn’s direction as she took our details. It should have bothered me but I was too busy staring across at Harry and Aimee, his arm was draped around her almost non-existent hips while she snuggled into his neck, giggling loudly to make sure all the females in the lobby knew that Harry was hers. I barely knew her but I was certain I hadn’t hated anyone ever as much as I hated her right now and I hardly knew her.

Zayn rushed for the elevator as Harry held it open, the four of us stood awkwardly in the elevator. Zayn stood infront of me as I stood against the wall of the elevator. Harry and Aimee were all over each other, of course. I glanced in Harry’s direction, our eyes met; he smiled cheekily before licking his lips seductively. Supressing the excited feeling I got in the pit of my stomach, I screwed my face up, much to his surprise, I was angry at him and a few sexual suggestions were not about to change that. As we all stepped out of the elevator on the same floor the awkward atmosphere intensified, surely I couldn’t have been the only one who felt it.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we were in the next room from you?” Zayn laughed with Harry.

I crossed my fingers tightly, begging practically every religions God to ensure we had rooms far away from each other. My prayers went unanswered.

“Would you look at that, we’re neighbours!” Harry said, a sarcastic tone laced his words. I realised he wasn’t too fond of being so close either; I wondered what his reason was.

“See you at dinner, neighbours!” Zayn exclaimed as we all walked into our rooms.

“Can’t we ask to change rooms?” I asked Zayn as I sat down on our incredibly bouncy king sized bed, the sheets were cream and silky.

“What’s the big deal, babe?” Zayn asked, moving over towards me, nervousness set in my stomach.

“I-I, you know, just kinda hoped we’d get some time alone here.”

I watched his face for a reaction, he didn’t change expression or speak for a while, and it worried me.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, Z, I just-“

Zayn took my hand, causing me to forget I was mid-sentence.

“We will, princess. I promise. It will just be me and you. We can go out together, alone, tomorrow.”

Zayn smiled at me as he twirled the diamond clad bracelet he had bought me, around my wrist.

“I would like that. Thank you.”

“Baby, there’s no need to thank me. I love you, you know that.”

I smiled, nodding slightly. I did know that, despite the fact he barely showed me I knew he loved me.


The temperature in the hotel room was hot despite the air conditioning being on fully. I stripped down to my pants and vest top, the sound of Zayn’s muffled singing in the shower floated through the room. I lay back on the bed, switching the TV on to see what delights American television had for me. The first channel I found was showing Jerry Springer, I watched the two men on the stage literally fight over a less than average female stood in the middle; her breasts randomly out on display. The title of the show was too close to home: ‘In love with my best friend’s girlfriend.’ I cringed, switching channels immediately. As I flicked through the endless list of satellite channels a tapping noise began to grow in power, I looked around the room puzzled to where it was coming from until I realised. It was next door.

Oh dear God, I do not want to hear this!

The tapping became a faint bang; I figured it was the headboard of the bed. I turned the TV volume up to try and drown out the noise, it hardly worked.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes Harry!” Aimee shrieked in pleasure.

This was nauseating. I lay down fully, placing a pillow over my head.

“La la la!” I sang, trying to take my mind off of the pleasurable female moans coming from the room of the guy I wanted.

“Want me to fuck you harder?” Harry’s deep voice boomed through the wall.

I shot up, the pillow falling to my side. Harry groaned, loudly, I felt excited butterflies flutter in my abdomen, his manly groan was turning me on.

Soon I could no longer hear her, just Harry, grunting and ordering her about. My hand slid down my stomach and straight under the hem of my panties. I began rubbing my finger over my slit, feeling how wet I was just by hearing his voice. I needed a release and I needed it fast. I began to rub in a circular motion, stimulating my clit in a way only I knew how. I pushed my vest top up, my free hand roughly kneading my breast; pinching my nipple as I imagined his teeth biting down, intensifying the pleasure. I closed my eyes tight as I slipped two fingers inside of myself, imaging Harry pushing his big dick inside of me for the first time. As I heard him groan from the other side of the wall once again, I felt a tightening in my abdomen, I was so close already.

“Fucking hell, you’re hot.” Zayn interrupted, standing in the doorway of the bathroom wrapped in a small white towel around his waist and dripping wet.

“Oh my god!” I jumped up, covering myself with the duvet quickly.

Zayn jumped on the bed, lying on top of me after pulling the covering off of me.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby, it’s hot.”  He breathed deeply as he covered my neck in kisses. His hand slid down my panties quickly, I wanted to moan out in pleasure.

“What’s got you so turned on, baby?”

Almost instantly, answering his question, the noise from the next room got louder.

“You were turned on by hearing them fuck?” Zayn asked, manoeuvring his body so his already hard cock pressed into my area causing me to shudder.

I bit down on my lip as I nodded, unsure of how he was going to take it.

“Well how about we give them some competition?”

Without waiting for my reply Zayn had already jumped up, throwing the towel off of him and he pulled down my underwear. As the head of his throbbing cock pressed against my entrance we stared into each other’s eyes.

“Fuck me, Zayn.” I moaned, my voice louder to ensure Harry heard, this game was fun.

Zayn pushed inside of me with incredible force, pain shot through my stomach, I bit down on my bottom lip as he began to thrust into me relentlessly. As he lifted my legs so my ankles rested on his shoulders I cried out, his dick hit my g spot with every hard thrust.

“Does that feel good baby?” He panted.

“So fucking good.” I moaned back at him.

I reached down between our sweaty bodies and began rubbing my clit vigorously, I was so close. Zayn pulled my arm away.

“I’m not done with you yet. Turn around.”

 I obeyed, getting on all fours, arching my back ready from him to enter me. Immediately Zayn pushed inside of me again, this time he was deeper and I moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Harder, fuck me harder.” I cried out.

Zayn obliged, pounding into me hard and fast, our skin slapping together loudly.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I screamed as pleasure erupted through my body, Zayn pounded harder than ever as I rode out my orgasm. “Oh fuck you’re the best Zayn!”

Before I even finished the word ‘best’ Zayn’s legs buckled as his orgasm crashed down on him, he thrust in deep one final time, releasing his goods inside of me.

Both of us collapsed on the bed, panting sweaty messes.

“That was incredible.” Zayn said, his voice breathless.

I lay my head on his clammy chest, our hands entwined together.

“I love you so much, Tay.” Zayn said.

“Me too, Z, me too.”  


The clock read 6:30pm; I had ten minutes to get down to the restaurant. I checked my hair in the mirror one last time, my long blonde curls bounced off of my shoulders perfectly, for once. I was wearing a tight white mini dress; the hem fell to the middle of my thigh if I was lucky. My strappy Louboutin’s were laced with real diamonds and matched perfectly with my dress and clutch bag. I felt confident enough to be photographed with Zayn tonight, I felt like I looked like I deserved to be next to him. I stood infront of the elevator when a large hand landed on my bum. I span round ready to give the owner a mouthful only to be taken aback with who it was, Harry.

“Get your hand off of me.” I scolded him, his face falling from a perfectly smile to a hurt look.

“What’s wrong with you?” Harry turned me round so I was facing him properly; he stood back against the wall.

“What do you think? Did you just neglect to tell me about your girlfriend or was you worried it was going to get in the way of getting me into bed?”

Harry smirked.

“I think I’ve already had you in a bed.”

“It’s funny to you is it? You know what, I don’t even care anymore, have a nice life!” I pulled my arm out of Harry’s grip and headed for the stairwell, Harry followed closely behind.

“Wait!” He hollered.

“Why? What’s the point?”

Harry jumped infront of my path, backing me up against the stairwell wall.

“The point is you care, pretend all you want but you care and you wouldn’t be so pissed off if you didn’t.”

I shrugged.

“Yes, I care. What does that matter?”

“It matters to me. Aimee is just a girl I’ve been seeing, it isn’t serious.”

“It’s serious enough for you to bring her all the way to Florida with us.”

Harry smirked again; his smug face was beginning to annoy me.

“I brought her here because I couldn’t face two weeks of seeing you and Zayn together, all over each other.”

“Oh please, Harry. You expect me to believe you’re jealous of Zayn?”

“More than you even know. It kills me seeing you together, you belong with me, and we both know it.”

I smiled at him, this was the first time Harry had been totally honest with me.

“It’s no fun seeing you and Aimee together either, hearing you earlier was sickening.”

“Sickening? You seemed to overcome the nausea pretty quickly.” Harry laughed.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you really think I didn’t hear you and Zayn?”

“Ooops, sorry.” I looked at the ground, secretly proud my plan had worked, he was jealous after all.

Harry moved in closer to me, his nose tickling my neck as he made his way up to my ear.

“Do you know what I think?” He whispered.

I shook my head.

“I think you did that on purpose, I think you wanted me to hear.”

“That’s not –“

Harry put his finger over my mouth to quieten me.

“I think you wanted me to hear, I think you wanted me to imagine I was fucking you while I was fucking her. You know what else?”

I shook my head again, Harry’s finger still placed over my lips.

“It worked. Every time I thrust into her I imagined it was you, hearing you moan drove me crazy. I want to be the one to make you scream.”

Harry replaced his finger with his lips, kissing me passionately before pulling away just as fast.

“We better go and join them for dinner.” Harry said, taking my hand and leading me down the stairs.

“One last thing, Zayn’s only the best because you haven’t let me fuck you yet.” He winked before turning back around and heading down the stairs. I wanted him more than ever, right now.

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